Famous Animal Lover Don Junior Lying Like A Human Again, This Time About Dogs

The Defense Department tried doggedly yesterday to debunk online rumors that the US military had left military dogs behind in Afghanistan, noting that viral photos of dogs in cages at the airport in Kabul depicted dogs that were being cared for by a private group, and which had not been part of US military units. Pentagon Press Secretary John F. Kirby told Defense One,

"To correct erroneous reports, the U.S. military did not leave any dogs in cages at Hamid Karzai International Airport, to include the reported 'military working dogs.' Photos circulating online were animals under the care of the Kabul Small Animal Rescue." [...]

Kabul Small Animal Rescue is a veterinary clinic and animal rescue organization that has operated for years in Afghanistan. "Currently we are working to help anyone who wants to evacuate their animals do so," the group wrote on their Facebook page.

The charity says that shelter dogs and abandoned pets may be in danger from the Taliban, and Kabul Small Animal Rescue said the dogs at the airport had been contracted with security services in the city. And that's how rumors start flying, in an effort to do the same for dogs.

Kirby did tell Defense One that US troops had gone "to great lengths to assist" the animal rescue during "an ongoing complicated and dangerous retrograde mission." But again, not military dogs. Similarly, a State Department spokesperson said it had evacuated all its working dogs in the country, and "None were left behind."

But official denials don't mean anything to rightwingers, not even to people who mostly seem to think of animals in terms of shooting them, so Trump Junior posted this lie on his Twitter account Tuesday, complete with an image of a bloody pawprint. Subtle!

Yessir, we all know how much Donald Trump loves dogs, at least as his favorite weird simile, which had people sweating like a dog, quitting like a dog, dying like a dog, getting fired like a dog, being dumped like a dog, and even begging for money like a dog.

Donald Trump may, in fact, have never actually met a dog or even seen one. Dogs rejoice.

But as for the lie about leaving dogs behind like a dog, nope, as Snopes points out, the US military evacuated its dogs, as seen in this ABC News video from mid-August:

NBC News foreign correspondent Richard Engel even pointed out at the time that plenty of Afghans were outraged that the US evacuated military dogs instead of using every inch of space on cargo planes for people:

Also, a tip of the Wonkette leather kitten headgear to Wonkette Deep State Operative Bub the Zombie for his reply to Fuckclown Junior:

Others on Twitter pointed to this March 2021 HuffPo story revealing the Trumpy side of "animal rescue": The dog rescue charity called "Big Dog Ranch Rescue" that's associated with Lara Trump spent a whopping $1.9 million over seven years holding events at Mar-a-Lago.

So yeah, guess we can see why Don Jr. cares about animal rescues. He must figure his family is missing its cut. There's a reason 'It shouldn't happen to a Trump" isn't a phrase.

[Defense One / USA Today / MSNBC / HuffPo]

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