Finally, Truck Nutz and Scooters Unite

Finally, Truck Nutz and Scooters Unite

We've made it to the mountaintop, dear readers. First there were Truck Nutz, the automotive accessory a certain segment of the electorate used to alert others to their tenuous hold on masculinity. Then arose the Scooter People, the Tea Party faithful who realized the greatest dream of humanity: using a motorized wheelchair to save their obese selves from ever again having to exert themselves by walking. For too long, these memes have charged on independently. But today, they unite, stronger together as one. Watch out, Obama. The scooters now have testicles.

Wonkette operative "Brain K." documents history:

So I was walking around the Upper West Side yesterday near the the American Natural History Museum when this specimen emerged from one of the shops. The Hoveround nutz were brass and clanking against the metal in the back. This was as close as I could get before he sped off through the crowd.

American. Natural. History.

With Scooter Nutz riding along with them, is there anything the Teabaggers can't accomplish? Yeah, changing the paradigm of American politics and getting their ideas turned into legislation. Probably that.


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