FINALLY Trump Lackey Makes Social Media ... Thing ... For Oppressed White People To Say The N-Word!

FINALLY Trump Lackey Makes Social Media ... Thing ... For Oppressed White People To Say The N-Word!

Things are going great over at Trumphumper Jason Miller's new Twitter knockoff site GETTR. The supposedly free speech platform's anti-cancel culture credo was immediately put the test as the site was overrun last night by a horde of racists and groypers and Nazis and plain old scammers riding on the filthy hashtags to flog their own shit.

The site passed with flying colors! Or not, depending on your perspective.

In accordance with its own terms of service, GETTR's mods set about purging some of the more obvious Nazi elements, including Paul Gosar's pal Nick Fuentes. Take that, cancel culture!

But the site is still chock full of N-word hashtags, including in its own trending topics, as of this writing.

Meanwhile, it took about 10 minutes for reporters on the alt-Right fuckery beat to work out that the site was basically a repurposed version of Chinese anti-communist media billionaire Guo Wengui's Getome platform.

Guo, AKA Miles Kwok, AKA the Chinese Communist Party's public enemy number one, AKA that weirdo who funds Steve Bannon, has appeared on Your Wonkette before, most notably when the mail man arrested Bannon on his yacht. But Guo and his allies appear to have been behind some of the loonier Hunter Biden laptop fabrications. (Another Brandy Zadrozny story — follow her, she's amazing.)

And we are not dragging you down that crazy rabbit hole on a Friday afternoon, but ... let's just stipulate that this guy's involvement indicates that this endeavor may not be entirely on the up and up.

"Some of the initial seed money has come from his family foundation," Miller confirmed to The Daily Beast, which was the first to break the news of Guo's involvement in the project.

Guo isn't a direct investor in Gettr, according to Miller, and doesn't have a seat on its board or other formal role. The Trump adviser said the company was backed by a "consortium of international investors," but declined to name them, beyond the Guo foundation, or the total amount of money that has been invested in the new social-media property so far. But while Miller downplayed Guo's connection, sites associated with the billionaire have suggested that Gettr is Guo's brainchild.

In a June video on GTV, a media outlet that serves as a mouthpiece for Guo, a host summarizing a recent Guo made about Getter said that the social media platform was "the concentration of Miles's whole life work." The host added that Guo had come up with the idea for Gettr's logo, a torch.

Which is not exactly great publicity, so Miller hightailed it to the Wall Street Journal, looking for some friendlier coverage. There he downplayed the seed money from "the Guo family foundation," emphasizing that the site had many investors, none of whom exerted managerial control. But when asked, he failed to disclose the identities of said investors.

He did, however, explain how he intends to go from Step 1: Collect Nazi Underpants to Step 4: PROFIT!!!

Later this year, Gettr is planning to roll out an "online appreciation" function that will let users donate to politicians directly, Mr. Miller said. Rather than advertising, Mr. Miller said the platform is looking to make money from e-commerce.


Oh, hey, remember that fun time when the Trump campaign tricked its low rent donors into making thousands of dollars of recurring donations using deceptive language and fine print? Who's excited to hand their credit card info over to the majordomo of Trumpland so he can help us engage in a little "online appreciation" of our favorite politicians? Hell, maybe you want to buy a used couch, too, while you're at it.

In short, this off-brand Twitter wannabe POS platform by one of the most insufferable grifters in Trumpland is going exactly as well as expected. And we here at Wonkette wish Mr. Miller continued success in all his future endeavors.

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