Find Christine O'Donnell In Song

Wednesday, October 7: If you're not doing anything tonight, Riley is insistent that you come to the Rock and Roll Hotel to watch him sing "I Touch Myself" while he waterboards his face with vodka and devours meatballs in honor of Delaware Masturbation Witch Christine O'Donnell. For charity of course! Some members of Congress and political folk, as well as other members of Team Wonkette, will also be there to witness the event/ Horror, which will be made all the better if Riley does indeed do his famous Melbourne Shuffle. Tickets are $15. [Karaoke in the Capital]

  • Wednesday, October 7 and Thursday October 8: DC's first-ever food truck extravaganza -- Curbside Cookoff -- is finally here. Hooray! Here's your opportunity to eat lobster, tacos, pizza, popsicles, empanadas and more from trucks, which is where they say the best food comes from these days. The event also features a Winnebago, a dance party and an innovative sculpture presentation. [2010 Curbside Cook-Off]
  • Saturday, October 9: Georgetown is the home of the Metro-hatin' DC elite, but times are tough, so they're welcoming everyone to the area for a feast of epic-y proportions at the Taste of Georgetown. Over 30 restaurants will be featured at the event; food tickets are $5 each. [Taste of Georgetown]
  • Monday, October 12: It is more fun to drink when doing so involves a competition with a clock? Sure it is! The restaurant Firefly just launched "Beat the Clock," a new happy hour featuring progressively timed and priced drink specials. Start time is 3PM, right when all the alcoholics and unemployed people come out to play. The pricing increases in increments of $1 every hour, maxing out at $4 by 7 pm. We like Monday nights when the price stays at $4 until last call. [Firefly]
  • Food to Look Forward to: The newest, newest up-and-coming area of the city, City Vista at 5th and K Streets NW, will soon be home to a Chipotle, as well as a meat-focused establishment from the owner of Ray's the Steaks; Obama's (supposed) favorite pizza establishment, Pi, will be opening Downtown early next year. [Prince of Petworth [PDF]/District of Pi]

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