Florida Jury Finally Finds Murderer Michael Dunn Guilty Of Murder

In November 2012, racist scumbag Michael Dunn killed 17-year-old Jordan Davis. Dunn claimed that Davis and his friends were rudely (read: blackly) playing their music too loud, and when he ever-so-politely asked them to turn it down a bit, the poor defenseless Dunn, who was armed, was scared for his life because BLACK and also he saw a gun, except that he did not because the only gun was his. Still, being afraid for his life because BLACK, he fired off 10 rounds into the SUV of unarmed teenagers, killing Davis, and then going to a motel with his girlfriend to eat some pizza, as one does after killing a black teenager. If one is a thug and a murderer.

The original jury, made up mostly of idiots, could not determine whether Dunn had actually murdered that boy. Dunn claimed that he was simply Standing His Ground by killing that kid, and in Florida, it's perfectly legal to kill an unarmed black teenager as long as you claim he was coming right for you with his hoodie and/or his loud music. The idiot jury was able to conclude that Dunn had attempted to murder the other kids in the car who survived, but as for whether he actually murdered the kid who did not? Hung jury.

Today, finally, a jury of Dunn's more intelligent peers determined that yes, he actually is guilty of murdering the boy he murdered, in addition to attempting to murder all the others who got away before he could shoot them dead too. This jury didn't buy Dunn's "self-defense" load of bull.

While the jury was still deliberating, Jordan Davis's parents, Ron Davis and Lucy McBath, expressed their gratitude to the prosecutors for pursuing the case against Dunn.

"We know they've worked very, very hard on behalf of our son," McBath said. "We're very grateful. We're grateful to the citizens of Jacksonville and all the people who've stood firmly beside us, praying for us. We're grateful for that, no matter what verdict we receive."

They received a verdict of first-degree murder, and Dunn now faces life in prison. Good.



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