Florida Teen Gets Honor Society Gig After All, Despite Slutty Sundress

For once, and probably never again, the state of Florida is actually the source of some Nice Time! You might remember the story last week about Cameron Boland, the junior at Fort Myers High School who was stripped of her elected position as her county's National Honor Society "Historian" -- really more of a social-media/press relations job -- because she gave her campaign speech wearing a sundress with excessively thin straps. (We keep seeing them described as "spaghetti straps," but those are at least linguini straps.) Anyhow, all the negative publicity the story generated seems to have shamed the school district, or at least made it say "Oh well, what the hell," and now the Lee County School District's superintendent has given Cameron back the "Historian" position. Another girl who also had her NHS job taken away for being bare-shouldered has been restored to the position of NHS president for Lee County. The girls will share their positions with the students who were chosen to replace them, so that all noses may remain safely in joint.

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Cameron -- who in addition to dressing like a shameless hussy is also her class president, captain of the softball team, as well as being in the international baccalaureate program and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes -- has had some fun with her viral semi-celebrity, but is glad to have everything ironed out now. “I’ll go places and they’ll say oh, you’re the girl with the shoulders,” she said. “You’re the girl with the spaghetti straps.” She says that if she'd had any idea that things would get so goofy, she'd have just worn the jacket she'd brought with her to the speech but didn't think to put on before speaking.

Also, as a parting shot on the whole matter, LCSD superintendent Nancy Graham just had to add a bit of passive-aggressive jerk-talk, because apparently she still thinks Cameron and her associate got away with something:

You may be unhappy with my perspective, but the media entertained this and that’s what made it big ... Not just the local media; and when the media entertains things it gets attention and the media had one version of the story.

If Graham actually elaborated on what the school's side of the story was -- probably repeating that good kids managed to go to the NHS ceremony without dressing like tramps -- the WINK-TV reporter didn't mention it. Nevertheless, Graham said it was the best available solution, probably because now the damn media will go away.

Cameron, having gotten away with her brazen shoulder-nakedness, now says, “I’m still going to wear sundresses and show my shoulders. This is not going to stop me.” Dear god. Sundresses, in Florida? What sort of monster have they created?


Doktor Zoom

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