Florida Town Shocked -- Shocked! -- To Find KKK Members In Police Force. For Second Time.

Florida Town Shocked -- Shocked! -- To Find KKK Members In Police Force. For Second Time.

The small town of Fruitland Park, Florida, has just 13 full-time cops, and wouldn't you know it, it just lost one of those officers and the deputy chief of police, who resigned after the FBI discovered that they weremembers of the KKK:

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement presented Chief Terry Isaacs with copies of a confidential FBI report last week that allegedly identified Deputy Chief David Borst and Officer George Hunnewell as members of the KKK.

They've turned in their badges and guns, but we guess they get to keep their hoods, which weren't part of their duty uniforms.

This is not the first time that Fruitland Park has had a Klan infestation in its police department; in 2009 another KKKop, James Elkins, resigned after photos on the interwebs showed him wearing Klan robes and a hood. He initially denied any involvement in the KKK, probably explaining that he was just partying with Prince Harry, but ultimately admitted that he was the "district Kleage" for the National Aryan Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, which is a Kool Kolloquialism for Klan ReKruiter.

Mind you, Fruitland Park doesn't have a problem or anything:

Chief Isaacs would only tell reporters for the Orlando Sentinel that the pair belonged to a “subversive organization,” because he did not believe he was authorized to release the results of the report.

“It’s a tough situation. He was my assistant,” he said, adding that he never witnessed any behavior that would lead him to believe former Deputy Chief Borst was in the KKK. “But I’ve read the report, and it’s convincing.”

We bet that there may have been some telltale hints, like the occasional whiff of burning cross on his clothes, but that's easy to overlook. But nah, no reason to think that the city needs to look at the treatment of black arrestees or anything. Especially not since earlier in the year, a Florida KKK leader bragged about how effectively the group had infiltrated law enforcement in the state. Oh dear, guess we just played the Race Card there, didn't we?


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