Oh no, our FLOTUS isbeing a diva again, which means she is going on vacation even though "shouldn't she be doing her job, whatever that is?" Vacation is a thing that privileged people get to help them cope with the stressful things in life, like competing to have the nicest front yard in the subdivision, paying for a child's braces, or, in the case of the Obamas, attempting (mostly unsuccessfully) to prevent the violent and horrific collapse of America. Michelle's efforts in that regard have mostly focused on eliminating the mythical "obese children" that she claims are running around, or rather, sitting on their couches everywhere. Our FLOTUS has clearly had enough of pretty much everything, including her whiny husband, which is why she put in her headphones on the way to the beach to TUNE HIM OUT.

A very sneaky Reuters photographer now has some sort of shocking insight into the Obama marriage, because of a photo, which is "proof" that Michelle Obama would probably rather listen to Ke$ha or Train than listen to Barry ramble on about pretty much anything.

Ah, family vacation time in an American August, a chance for members to rediscover the joys and pleasures of being together, whether they like it or not.

Sunday morning the Secret Service packed all the Obamas in secure cars and headed for a private ocean beach.

Reuters' sharp-eyed Kevin Lamarque snapped this revealing photo of the first couple in the car tuned out from each other during this quality time family foray.

Of course, Michelle Obama could have her iPod crammed with hubby's recent speeches.

Which is more insulting - the idea that this iPod photo means something, or the suggestion that our FLOTUS is listening to Barack Obama's speeches on her iPod, on vacation? It is difficult to decide! Everyone just needs to relax and think about the beautiful clothes that our FLOTUS is wearing on vacation. That is a much more productive use of energy and far better distraction from our never ending poverty and unemployment. [LA Times]


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