Forced Birth Fetishists Now Also Want To Force Some Pepper Spray In Your Face

Forced Birth Fetishists Now Also Want To Force Some Pepper Spray In Your Face

A group of disturbed individuals who hang out in front of clinics in all day yelling at anyone they think is getting a completely legal procedure they happen not to like has decided to kick things up a notch by hiring armed guards to pepper spray anyone who dares to trespass on a part of the public sidewalk they have decided they have exclusive rights to.

The disturbed individuals in question this week are the anti-choice creeps who hang out in front of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Walnut Creek, California. On Tuesday they brought with them a bunch of armed guards — purchased for them by 40 Days To Life, the group that notably refused to obey public health guidelines during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic — who maced a number of counterprotesters who were at the clinic to protect those going into it from the anti-choice creeps.

According to those counterprotesters, the anti-choicers claimed that they alone had any right to be on the sidewalk and the guards were there to "protect them." The guards did what they were there to do and maced anyone who attempted to go on the sidewalk, causing no small amount of pain and injury.

Counter-demonstrator Lacey Brown wrote on Facebook:

Not one of us put hands on or made physical contact of any kind with the pro-life protestors OR their private security that were refusing us access to the public sidewalk. Several of us were blinded for an extended time, and I am covered in chemical burns across my skin. My mask, hat, hair and shirt were soaked by a thick stream of mace - so much so that it got into my mouth and throat, and after I showered, the water running off my clean hair burned the skin on my back as pictured.

After they violently and unnecessarily maced us, as a friend and medic rushed to my car to grab water bottles to rinse our eyes, you can see one of these security guards unholster his firearm and begin to draw it.

We are usually present to counter the pro-lifer's protest because they will physically block individuals from entering the building, and/or yell expletives at them including calling them names and telling them they're going to "burn in hell." We show up to make sure folks feel safe and get safely inside. We were shocked to find that they had hired ARMED security to accompany them.

This was blatant assault. They were not acting in self defense - nobody had touched them. One of them told a police Officer someone reached for their gun, which you can clearly see is not the case.

Brown also told NBC News that this is the first time the conflict had gotten physical, and explained, "The issue was they were saying, 'No you can't come on to the sidewalk.'"

For what it is worth, the anti-choice group cannot claim possession of the area, as squatters rights only apply in California if people have lived on and paid property taxes on a place of residence for five years, and that is not a thing one can do with a slab of sidewalk.

40 Days To Life confirmed to NBC that they were indeed responsible for hiring the security guards, claiming, ridiculously, that the poor anti-choice protesters had been previously confronted by aggressive counter-demonstrators with bullhorns whilst they were "just standing there praying with their rosary and being harassed."

Well, that just sounds true.

If they were indeed just standing there with their rosaries, not bothering no one, they would have to be the first clinic protesters since abortion first became legal to do so. There's a reason why these clinics have to have people volunteer to walk patients in, and it's because these groups and the people in them are scary as hell. Because they are the ones doing the harassing.

Many states have passed or attempted to pass buffer zone laws that prevent anti-choice demonstrators from coming too close to the clinics they are protesting — laws that these demonstrators don't like very much and routinely fight in court. Because they believe they should actually be able to go up to people entering the clinics and bombard them with unwanted "sidewalk counseling" — by which they mean "scream at them that they are going to hell until they are so freaked out they just leave." Of course, if these clinics hired security guards who maced demonstrators who got too close, we'd very likely never hear the end of it.

This is far from the first time that forced birth enthusiasts have committed or attempted to commit acts of violence in furtherance of their beliefs — even this week. Just this week in Ft. Myers, Florida, authorities arrested a man who was attempting to set another clinic on fire.


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