Forced Birthers So Upset About SCOTUS Decision They Can't Remember Why They Were There In The First Place

Forced Birthers So Upset About SCOTUS Decision They Can't Remember Why They Were There In The First Place

Monday morning, the Supreme Court struck down a very stupid Louisiana law requiring doctors who perform abortions to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital, a thing which is not necessary for any reason, but which anti-choice jerks have latched onto as a way to make it even more difficult to get an abortion. The Court found that the law placed an "undue burden" on those seeking an abortion, which it obviously did and which supporters of the law knew it did, which is why they wanted it in the first place.

The deciding vote on this was John Roberts — not Brett Kavanaugh as Susan Collins had promised us all (which would have just been devastating had a single person, including Susan Collins, believed her), and now all of the forced birth enthusiasts are very sad about things. So sad, in fact, that they have cried their faces off about "this is not about abortion, it's about how much we care about women," and are now revealing the true reason for why they supported this law.

Which, of course, we already knew.

You know, they keep mentioning "the unborn" here, but golly! If this law was about what they said it was about, then what on earth does it have to do with the unborn? What does it have to do with "leftist socialists"?

It's almost as if it was a completely disingenuous law with no purpose other than placing an undue burden on those seeking an abortion, just like the Supreme Court said it was.

No, Mike Lee, what "defies logic and reason" is expecting anyone to believe that people need their doctor to have "admitting privileges" in order to be treated in an emergency room, or that people are allowed to request which emergency room they would like to go to.

David French was very clear about the fact that the law was supposed to prevent abortions and the real problem here is that several of the Justices say that the reason they ruled in favor of allowing the law was because they felt it didn't substantially keep anyone from having an abortion.

Yes, David French, because neither Roe nor Casey has actually been overturned, and because those arguing for the law were arguing that it did not impede anyone from getting an abortion.

That's the same guy, by the way, who defied stay-at-home orders in order to yell at people having abortions. Notably, he was not yelling at them to only have abortions if their doctors had admitting privileges at a nearby hospital.

So basically what these people wanted was for the court to have ruled in favor of the side saying that the law didn't prevent anyone from getting an abortion, for the purpose of preventing people from getting abortions, and they are upset that that didn't happen. Hopefully they don't get so upset that they pass out and get taken by an ambulance to an emergency room where their primary physician doesn't have admitting privileges, because that would be ... exactly like going to an emergency room where they did.

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