Forget GoKickStartMe, Here Is All Millennials Need To Make Dreams Come True


If you're a struggling "creative" type who thinks a little charity from the interwebs is all you need to achieve success, think again. All you really need is the proper motivation. And now there's a new tool to do just that:

WorkHarder is the world’s largest non-funding online platform for creative projects. Here’s how it works. You post your creative project on WorkHarder. Our site links to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to find people in your social network who think your idea sucks. Through WorkHarder’s innovative public shaming tools, the honest, unfiltered feedback of your peers will inspire you to stop wasting your time and their money and to just work harder.

OK, so, this maybe is not a real tool, but it's a real good laugh. And it actually is intended for a real purpose. The video's creators gave us this chuckle to for-real motivate us to do something for a for-real cause:

The above sketch aired at a benefit for Doctors Without Borders on Nov 19, 2014 in NYC. While we're not affiliated with Doctors Without Borders, we think they do amazing work. If you agree, donate here:

No pressure, or anything, but you might want to go do that. And no, despite the similarity in title, this "WorkHarder" is not an endorsement of Republican plans for Food Stamp "reform."

[via Death And Taxes]


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