Former RINO Gov. George Pataki Remembers 9/11, Can He Be President Too?

Former RINO Gov. George Pataki Remembers 9/11, Can He Be President Too?
So George Pataki was governor of New York once upon a time, and he's always kind of wanted to run for president one day maybe. Being a semi-sentient being with nothing better to do, he figures since he's a Republican and everyone else is doing it, this is his chance, so on Thursday, he released a video announcing he's also running too. Sure, he knows he probably (definitely) cannot win, but then, none of the other Republicans in the race can win either, so what the hell. YOLO! But Pataki at least has a special kind of can't-win quality: he's not nearly as fire-breathing, Bible-humping INSANE as the rest of the Republican field:

A former Yale debater with an easy public demeanor, he is a supporter of abortion rights and pushed as governor for anti-discrimination rules protecting gays and lesbians. He routinely invokes Theodore Roosevelt, the Republican environmentalist and crusader against corporate power, as a political hero.

He even believes global warming is a real thing and created a Greenhouse Gas Task Force when he was governor, so yeah, he will stand out on that debate stage -- assuming he meets the party's requirements for being popular enough to participate, which he probably won't because why would the Republican base even consider some hippy-dippy tree-hugging gay-loving baby killer?

Anyway, we're not sure what exactly Pataki's big pitch to voters is, other than he served three terms as governor of New York and got along with Democrats pretty well -- which, again, is not exactly a positive talking point with the Republican base. Oh, and of course, there's this:

And there's this:

And his ad ends with some rambling stream of consciousness reflections on 9/11, in case you missed the earlier more subtle points about 9/11 and 9/11 and also 9/11:

Last we'd heard, saying "9/11" a whole bunch was no longer a winning strategy, but we'll double check with President Rudy Giuliani and get back to you on that.

So anyway, George Pataki for president, we guess, because 9/11 and, uh, 9/11.

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