Fox & Friends continued to stand up for World War II vets who are "suffering" by being kept out of the WWII Memorial on the Mall -- which they aren't, of course, but that doesn't fit The Victim Narrative that Fox is pushing. And here's proof of Barack Obama's terrible double standards, said host Anna Kooiman on Saturday: he won't even allow the Republican National Committee to pay to keep the WWII Monument open, even though "President Obama has offered to pay out of his own pocket for the museum of Muslim culture" during the shutdown.

That little detail, of course, came from the fake-news site National Report, which is like a dollar-store version of The Onion, only proudly not openly funny. Kooiman's gaffe has been widely mocked, though not, of course, before the story got repeated in emails and on Free Republic, where people knew it had to be fake because Obama would never spend his own money, haw-haw.

So, hey, pretty awesome reporting, Fox & Friends! You left out the fact that WWII vets are being allowed to visit the Memorial (but remains closed to other tourists), and added a detail that was completely made up! Excellent work! Someone sent Yr Wonkette a link to the National Report story on the tipline, but we recognized the name: They're the geniuses behind the brilliant satirical headline "John Waters Drops Dead," which was satirical because -- get this! -- Waters is not actually dead! Get it?

As the urban legend debunkers at point out, there actually is an "International Museum of Muslim Cultures" in Jackson, Mississippi, but it is not a federally-funded museum. Snopes also notes that National Report used to have a disclaimer page stating that its stories are fictional, but it has since removed it, presumably because no one should be dumb enough to think that its stories -- "Yulin Dog Meat Festival: Chinese Chefs Wow Critics With Scrumptious New Dishes" -- are real, much less funny.


Doktor Zoom

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