Fox & Friends Has All Sorts of Problems With These Olympic Team Berets


The thought-free muppets who host Fox News' illiterate dementia variety hour Fox and Friends briefly mentioned the actual news nugget about the unveiled U.S. Olympic Team outfits today -- they're made in China, har har -- but spent considerably more time examining the team's hat wear: berets. Like all the fruity poets and mimes in France wear, amirite? Just imagine if these berets were green. How foo-foo mcgay would green berets be?

Steve Doocy cut right to the bone with his analysis. Why can't les comp√©titeurs des √Čtats-Unis wear baseball caps or cowboy hats? Why can't they put apple fucking pie on their heads?

DOOCY: Should the American team be wearing a beret? Why not a baseball cap? Why not a cowboy hat like when we went to Calgary?

After minutes of such mockery, Doocy does offer this counterpoint:

Fox's mockery of the "French" headgear continued until they received "a lot of email" from viewers pointing out the military connection to the Olympic team's headgear, forcing co-host Steve Doocy to make a disclaimer: "There is a team that's already wearing a Beret for America, and that's the special forces guys, and they look great."

What a horrendous television show (that we watch because Morning Joe isn't as hate-funny and also we hate ourselves.)

[Media Matters]


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