How did we never realize how cute Robby Mook is? Huh! Anyway, on the right are a bunch of morons.

Ainsley Earhardt, do you know which Fox News idiot she is? In case you forgot, she's the lady whose job it is to sit between Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade on "Fox & Friends" and play the part of "The One Who Is A Girl." And she DID A JOURNALISM on Tuesday morning, oh boy oh boy oh boy! The threesome was interviewing former Hillary Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook, and she GOTCHA-ed right on his face when she brought up that Hillary did a tweet a week before the election that said, "Computer scientists have apparently uncovered a covert server linking the Trump Organization to a Russian-based bank." WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA! Give Ainsley Earhardt the Pulitzer thing-a-ma-knick-knack Fox News people never win ever!

Lookit! It's the Hillary tweet! SMOKING GUN!

This proves, 100%, that when Barack Obama used his secret black president powers to do "wire tapps" inside Donald Trump's tall gold-plated house (FACT CHECK: LIE), he ALSO called Hillary Clinton and said, "Hey, Hillary, who did Benghazi and laughs about it! I, the black president with the fake birth certificate, have a secret to put on your private email server, about how we are doing Watergate to Donald Trump! Since it is classified, you should tweet about it, as it is one week before the election. Death to America LOL!"

Ainsley Earhardt felt she had #journalismed this enough to confront Mook:

AINSLEY EARHARDT: The timing is very interesting. Because you tried to get with the FISA report in the summer. That didn't work out. So then in the fall, right when Hillary Clinton's numbers were going down, when it looked like she might not win this election, then there’s another request to wiretap, allegedly, according to these reports. What did Hillary Clinton know and what was her involvement?

ROBBY MOOK: Well, Hillary Clinton didn't know about any of this. I mean, let's be very clear here.

EARHARDT: Then how do you explain this tweet? “Computer scientists have apparently uncovered a covert server linking the Trump Organization to a Russian-based bank.”

MOOK: Well, I think you should ask your research department to go back and look. That was actually in response to reporting that was done by Slate magazine. So she was reacting to what reporters were saying, just like we’re now reacting to what reporters are saying. I think that that cyber link that got reported, that that tweet was in reaction to, should be investigated too. I think it is weird that there was some sort of cyber link with Trump Tower. But we need to get the facts.

Mook was way too nice to say, "We explain that tweet by not being a dipshit, you Fox News mouthbreather, that is how we do that."

We can explain the tweet other ways, like by noticing that ATTACHED TO THE TWEET was a statement from Hillary's campaign that said in the first graf that it was about a story in Slate:

Or the "Fox & Friends" morons could just read Wonkette on the regular, since we reported on that very same Slate story the day after it happened:

Huh! How did Wonkette know? Did Barack Obama make the same sexxx call to Wonkette that he made to Hillary? Or did we all just fucking read Slate that day? Perhaps this question is too complicated for empty-headed dicks at Fox News. (In all fairness to Ms. Earhardt, we should note that both Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade were equally as dumb as she was throughout the entire segment with Mook, as they always are.)

Also, during most of the interview, the Fox News ticker thingie on the bottom said, "HOW DID SHE KNOW?" Because, you see, Fox knows most of its viewers watch with the sound off, because their meth-addled kids muted the TV then accidentally took the clicker out to the garage, where they make their meth, and well fiddlesticks, mama 'n' daddy ain't gonna get to listen to their stories with the sound on today, they reckon! They have to put that info on the screen, so people know Hitler-y did the crime, and should do the time:

Media Matters traces how this braindead conspiracy made its way through the pus-infected nether regions of the right wing fever swamps and up to Fox News, all the way back to where it apparently started, with the Stupidest Man On The Internet, Jim Hoft, AKA the Gateway Pundit, whose wingnut gay ass obviously DID A JIG when he "uncovered" this "scoop" for the barely literate cow romancers who look at his "news website" on the daily:

Here is Hillary Clinton’s tweet from October 31st… Computer scientists?… Connect the dots, folks. This was a well coordinated attack on a Presidential candidate. AG Lynch met with Bill Clinton just before the first FISA request.

After they were successful with the second FISA request in October, it appears Bill Clinton passed on the information to his wife to help her win the election. This scandal is about to blow wide open; it’s not going away any time soon.


And so many did! Wingnut fake "news" sites connecked-ed the dots all over the place, and then Fox News idiot producers or researchers found the "story," did absolutely no research on it (because Fox News doesn't hire journalists), and lo and behold, "Fox & Friends" couch occupier Ainsley Earhardt spitted the thing out like it was real.

We bet literally everybody at Fox News got an extra Snausage today, on account of a JOB WELL DONE.

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[Media Matters / Gateway Pundit]

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