Fox & Friends OUTRAGED We Don't Get To Kill Boston Marathon Bomber Yet

The trifecta of stupid that hosts "Fox & Friends" just learned a new thing on Monday, and that thing is called the appeals process. Turns out that in our soft-on-crime justice system, even someone who is convicted of a crime is legally entitled to appeal, and the Fox bobbleheads think that is some bullshit right there, because you should be able to fry a guilty party up but good, no waiting.

Last week, Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was sentenced to death by a jury of his peers who were selected for their willingness to kill him dead, for killing people, that'll learn him. But Elisabeth Hasselbeck doesn't understand why we can't kill him NOW, DADDY?!?!

Many Americans were relieved to hear that convicted bomber Boston [sic] Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has been sentenced to death, but as it turns out, his death could be delayed for decades, bogged down by endless appeals. [...]

That relief was felt in Boston. We've got friends and family there ourselves, and I think most Americans looked at this as justice is done, but now we hear about this appeals process and we're wondering, well where's the justice in that?

If Ms. Hasselbeck paid attention to the actual news, instead of the Fox kind, she'd know that the majority of Bostonians were not relieved that Tsarnaev was sentenced to death. While the rest of the country may be plenty bloodthirsty (but also too a culture of life), not so in Boston:

Bostonians overwhelmingly opposed condemning the bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, to death. The most recent poll, conducted last month for The Boston Globe, found that just 15 percent of city residents wanted him executed. Statewide, 19 percent did. By contrast, 60 percent of Americans wanted Mr. Tsarnaev to get the death penalty, according to a CBS News poll last month.

No one here felt sympathy for him. Rather, many thought life in prison would be a fate worse than death, especially for someone as young as Mr. Tsarnaev, who is 21. Others feared that putting him to death would make him a martyr. Still others, interviewed around the city Friday night and Saturday, reflected the region’s historical aversion to the death penalty.

But anyway. No one expects Fox to accurately reports anything, especially when Elisabeth Hasselbeck's got friends and family on the ground to tell her stuff, which is just like journalism, only different. Putting minutia like that aside, though, she and non-blond co-host Brian Kilmeade are shocked and outraged that Tsarnaev isn't dead yet, so they've invited criminal law professor and death penalty proponent Robert Blecker to teach them about this newfangled appellate thingy, which Kilmeade is very upset about because maybe we will never get to kill that guy, SADFACE:

People say it’s good that you gave him the death penalty, but he’s never going to get it. Timothy McVeigh gave up on his appeal so we got to kill him. We’re not going to get to kill this guy, are we?

There there, little Brian, we will probably get to kill him eventually, according to Professor Blecker, don't you worry. Sure, the appeals process "takes too long," and America shouldn't have to wait up to 10 years to watch him die, but we'll get there.

"And we have to keep giving him a lawyer to do these appeals?" Kilmeade asks incredulously, and Blecker says, "Yes, of course," and Hasselbeck says that's "incredible."

Some "justice" system, pffft.

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