Fox News Can't Believe Navy SEAL Who Killed Bin Laden Not Terrified Of Lady Soldiers

On the left, Stuart Varney, who is scared of girls. On the right, the dude who killed bin Laden.

Good news! Ladies are now officially allowed to go do all the same war combat things the gentlemens get to do! SCANDAL! You see, some people believe men and women should be equal, so they are happy about this. Others think a lady's proper place is in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant while the big tough men go off to war. And some in our special forces are a little bit concerned when they imagine what it would be like for a woman to serve alongside the Real Men. Will they be big and strong enough? Will they have their periods like all the time, maybe even once a month?

All of this makes Fox Business host Stuart Varney very uncomfortable in his no-no region. So Varney figured he'd ask Rob O'Neill, the former Navy SEAL who says he shot Osama bin Laden right in his wherevers, what he thought about these yucky ladies and their "combat equality." Surely a macho dude like that would relate to Varney's very manly concerns, right? Ahem:

VARNEY: Can I ask you for a flat-out judgment? Do you think that women should be part of special ops teams that go in and shoot down Osama bin Laden?

O'NEILL: I’ve operated with women. They’ve actually come with us on special operations. We use them a lot for some of the searching of women and children, cultural sensitivity type stuff. Also ... I know that these Islamic fighters, they don’t fear death, but they do fear Hell, and if they are killed by women, they go to Hell as far as they know. So, I like to say, lock and load, ladies. If they don’t lower the standards and they pass them, I think they should get a shot.

Varney is like HUH! about all this. So if the ladies can do all the stuff the men do, just as good as the men, it's OK for common girls to do boy stuff? Like what the heck, Stuart Varney just can't even. He then explains he has never fought in a war, never fired a gun because he was mad, and never even asked a bro if he wanted to Take This Outside, so he has NO IDEA what he is even talking about. Still, he wants to Just Ask Questions out of his ass some more. Is O'Neill, former Navy SEAL who killed bin Laden, CERTAIN it would be OK for a vagina-haver to be in his foxhole, helping him kill bad guys?

VARNEY: You're perfectly OK going into a life-and-death situation, with a woman by your side? I'm told that it changes the dynamics of the group that you're operating with!

It's gotta be frustrating when the going gets rough and it's time to murder the terrorists and the ladies are like, "Just a second, I'm braiding my hair and talking about boys and practicing kissing on my dolls, GIVE ME FIVE MORE MINUTES!"

That, for the record, is when O'Neill rolls his eyes at the Fox News moron, says sure it COULD change the dynamic, and he doesn't want to do a "social experiment" in the military, but "if the standards stay the same, it's equal opportunity-type stuff." He even says that for certain things involving intelligence and reconnaissance, it's BETTER for men and women to work together.

Varney is like PFFFFFT, whatever:

I just wonder, though ... I think men have a sort of hunter-gatherer mentality. They go out and break things and kill people. I wonder if ... I'm on dangerous ground here and I know it ... but you get where I'm coming from? You see my point, without me actually having to spell it out?


Anyhoo, congrats ladies! You go out there and kill the terrorists real good. Fox Business host Stuart Varney will be back here in the States, hiding in a corner and soiling his underthings.



Evan Hurst

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