Fox News: Don't Compare Mayor Pete's Marriage To Trump And Rush Limbaugh's Cheaty Slutting, NO FAIR!

Rush Limbaugh has been married four times and was caught coming back from a boys' trip in the Dominican Republic with a bottle of mislabeled Viagra in 2006. But recently he has been casting aspersions on the YUCKY LOL GAYNESS of Pete Buttigieg while he and fellow wingnut Ben Ferguson said the most stomach-churning things about how masculine World's Ugliest Man Donald Trump is, and Rush was calling him "Mr. Man" and just ew. We were just really hoping they would put their boners back in their pants.

The story continues, though!

Buttigieg went on the TV this weekend and what he said should have put a lid on Rush Limbaugh, human trashcan, once and for all:

BUTTIGIEG: I am in a faithful, loving, committed marriage. I'm proud of my marriage and I'm proud of my husband. And I'm not going to be lectured on family values by the likes of Rush Limbaugh or anybody who supports Donald J. Trump as the moral as well as political leader of the United States.


On top of Limbaugh's many marriages and the mystery of his true proclivities (how would we know?), Trump is on marriage number three, has cheated on every single woman he's been married to, was accused of rape by his first wife, has been accused of rape and/or sexual assault and/or sexual harassment by untold numbers of women, and oh yeah, one of his most well-known presidential quotes is "grab them by the pussy," because he says that's what he can do, because he's a celebrity.

Meanwhile, Pete Buttigieg is gay. And what's perverse is that there are still a few people in America who think that's worse.

Over there on the "America's Newsroom" program on Fox News, one of their talking dumpster fire anchors, Sandra Smith, just really didn't like it when panelist Jessica Tarlov brought up how ridiculous it is for Limbaugh or Trump to be saying besmirch statements about Pete Buttigieg's marriage, considering who they are (Mediaite has the video, but it's not really worth watching):

"You see a loving, monogamous couple like Pete Buttigieg and Chasten, his husband, up there showing what is possible, that someone who is in a same-sex relationship could be running for president and doing as well," Tarlov noted.

"And then they're torn down by Rush Limbaugh, who's been married four times I think," she said, before pointing out the president's past infidelity.

"We have Donald Trump, three times married, cheated on all of those wives," she said. But anchor Smith then cut in, objecting to discussing the personal life of the president—despite the show's discussion of the relationship of a Democratic presidential candidate.

"Let's not bring in personal relationships," Smith interjected. She then turned to read Limbaugh's original comments, which were about Buttigieg's personal relationship.

Oh yes, wouldn't want to talk about "personal relationships" when we are very busy talking about Pete Buttigieg's gay homosexual marriage, which is (fun fact!) also a "personal relationship." BUT THAT'S DIFFERENT, OK? For IOKIYAR reasons!

It's funny, on the right, dead-end garbage is mocking Pete Buttigieg for being gay and saying his masculinity could never match up to that of Dear Leader Donald Trump, who, reminder, looks like this:

And on the left, people are writing very serious screeds about how actually, you're right, Pete isn't gay enough, because his lived gay experience just isn't radical enough.

It's funny, that's all we are saying, so fucking save it, Twitter.

Late last week, Trump played cute with the idea of a gay president, saying that while he knows there would be "some that wouldn't" be OK with that, he "wouldn't be among that group to be honest with you." If only Trump could find a gay who was an authoritarian criminal shitheel like himself, we suppose.

Of course, that doesn't mean Trump isn't just fine with Limbaugh's gay-bashing, as Limbaugh reported on his show Monday that Trump had called him — while he was waiting to go into a medical procedure, no less! — and told him "Never apologize, don't ever," about his comments about Pete.

Anyway, those are your updates on the story of Pete Buttigieg's gayness and Rush Limbaugh's belief that Donald Trump is just way too much of a "Mr. Man" for Pete to go up against on a debate stage.

You know, until Pete makes a comment about Trump's bone spurs to his face and everybody points and laughs at the chickenshit loser president.

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