Fox News: Hungover Hillary Ate At Chipotle To Woo The Spanishes, Newsflash!

Hillary Clinton did a thing, and that thing is eating! Scandal, zomg, Drudge siren, congressional investigations, subpoenas, impeach, KILL US NOW.

On Fox News, the "Outnumbered" ladies and the designated Dude o' The Day had themselves a great laugh about Clinton's stop at Chipotle in Ohio on Monday. Hosts Andrea Tantaros and Kennedy (yeah, the one who used to be a VJ on MTV) made so many #jokes about it, your sides will ache. Trigger warning for HIGHBROW HUMOR:

TANTAROS: In keeping the Everywoman image, she stopped at a Chipol-tee [sic] for a burrito bowl, at Chipol-tee outside Toledo. But apparently no one recognized her. So Kennedy, the incognito burrito -- someone said on Twitter that she and Huma looked hungover. With the glasses and the big shades on. Was this the best way to connect -- with a chicken burrito bowl?

KENNEDY: It’s just so real. You know, she’s like, “Listen, I want some food of the people, but I don’t want it to be icky. I don’t want it to be too ethnic. Is there some middle ground we can find? Like, yeah, let’s go to Chipotle, gotta eat off this hangover." Yeah, I think what that says is the first lady is quite ordinary looking in person.

Then Tantaros does a god-fucking-awful impersonation of Bill Clinton, imagining him at a Chipol-tee:

He’d be in there going, "I’ll take the carnitas. You guys got beers here?"

And hoo boy, does she think that is funny stuff. She is cracking herself up, y’all. And then a “thought” occurs to her “brain”:

Was it maybe Hispanic outreach? She heard Rubio was announcing, so she thought, “Let’s go to a Chipol-tee and get some pico de gallo."

And then they all laugh and laugh, haw haw hardy har har, so funny! Or as the rest of us call it, just another day of "fair and balanced" bullshit in the world of Fox "News."

[Media Matters]


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