Fox News Reveals Obama Did 'PC Meetings' ALL THE TIME!!!!


A frequent "expert" contributor to Fox News -- and the network itself -- shared a nice plate of deep-fried embarrassment after the network and the contributor both fucked up a fairly common bit of White House jargon. The contributor, Doug Wead (you can just call him Dick; everyone since seventh grade has), probably has the bigger serving of crow to chow down on, since he HIS fuckup is conveniently preserved in the form of a book about what a great president Donald Trump is, while Fox News could at least post a correction to its online article where it uncritically reported the mistake as shocking news about Barack Obama and what a terrible president he was.

And it's all because the intrepid author didn't bother asking a very simple question when he heard a term he was unfamiliar with. One of Wead's sources complained, apparently, about having to attend weekly "PC meetings," so Wead assumed those were the typical liberal deal: Political Correctness meetings. Nope, not by a long shot. But it at least resulted in this gloriously wrong, now-deleted Fox News headline.

In an excerpt from his upcoming hagiography of the Great Man, Inside Trump's White House: The Real Story of His Presidency Wead wanted to show what a lousy manager Barack Obama was, so he contrasted Obama's centralized White House organization, which made sure all parts of the administration knew what the fuck the others were up to, with Trump's more freewheeling approach, where each agency just makes shit up from one day to the next, with occasional directives from Trump to buy Greenland or abandon a long-term ally in the war on terrorism.

According to intelligence officials who worked for both Obama and Trump, Trump's hands off / brain off management style is far less stuffy, more creative. The top CIA guys, Wead says, like the freedom to freelance, because while the big decisions still go through the chain of command, intelligence operatives have a lot more latitude to solve problems themselves now:

We've got all of these great people throughout the government. The new Trump theory was to let them make choices. If they're not making those decisions themselves, then we can always pull it back up. So that was the first thing.

Wead went on to explain that, under Obama, the poor CIA schlubs wasted so much time getting indoctrinated with liberal propaganda! Again, this is an excerpt from an about-to-be-published book-shaped object:

Next thing they said was that, in the previous administration, they spent a lot of time in the White House doing nonstop PC [political correctness] meetings. They would have a meeting every week, and at the conclusion of the meeting there was always the suggestion, "Let's meet again in two weeks."

And then all the smarty-pants facts-knowers like "journalists" and "national security experts" started pointing out, loudly and laughing so hard they cried and then got snot running down their tear-stained faces, that a weekly "PC meeting" is a meeting of the

National Security Council Principals Committee, which is convened by the national security adviser and consists of cabinet-level officials and top advisers.

Oh. That's different.

It's really the sort of mistake any rightwing reporter who has never spent five minutes around the White House intelligence apparatus could make, especially if he just jumped to conclusions and didn't ask any questions to see if he was right. After all, Dill Doug Wead is a professional conservative commentator, and as he says on his website, he is a New York Times bestselling author who has "been an advisor to two American presidents." He has also "interviewed six presidents, six first ladies and 30 siblings and children of the American presidents."

So clearly, a man with his vast professional expertise knows what the hell a "PC meeting" in the White House is. It is a meeting where all the white people are made to feel guilty, and where everyone has to memorize all the 100+ genders liberals made up.

As we know, fact-checking is a liberal plot, so Wead certainly wouldn't do that.

[Daily Beast]

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