Fox News: These Polar Bears Aren't Starving Fast Enough! Starve, Polar Bears, Starve!

Fox News: These Polar Bears Aren't Starving Fast Enough! Starve, Polar Bears, Starve!

Nah nah nah mang, says some douche on Fox News, the polar bears, they are not all starving to death because the North Pole has turned into a lake!They are the ones who are forcing Exxon to starve! How will Exxon get fish for all its baby Exxons if it has to not drill for oil up a polar bear's ass? Oh, Fox, you never do disappoint, do you?

So here is this twatmuffin from the "Pacific Legal Foundation," one Rob Rivett if that even is his real name, explaining why polar bears no longer need to be listed as endangered species, via ThinkProgress:

In essence through computer modelling, the federal government determined that this species would be losing its sea ice habitat and because of the loss of sea ice habitat, they felt it was necessary to put them on the threatened list.

That is so weird, why would anyone believe the sea ice is melting?

He went on to claim that the bear’s status “is a real problem” because the fossil fuel industry will suffer. “[If] you’re going to to make that more expensive of through regulation, all the rest of us are going to be impacted by that and jobs are going to lost because of that,” Rivett said.

Go on, guess who funds the "Pacific Legal Foundation." Can you guess? CAN YOU?

No? Then you might be eligible for a job at Fox News.


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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