Fox News Thinks Black Children Should Stop Doing Not As Much Pot As Their White Counterparts

Fox News Thinks Black Children Should Stop Doing Not As Much Pot As Their White Counterparts

When the New Yorker came out with its nine hundred thousand two hundred forty seven word piece on Barack Obama, gentleman scholar, we all had a fine time reading some excerpts. The one that most people focused on, including us because that was the part someone before us had excerpted, was Ol' Perfesser saying incredibly sane things about marihuana, the Devil's Weed. Why, he pointed out (when pressed), jazz cigarettes are less harmful to our brains and bodies than (our sweet lover) alcohol! He was also very sadface about black children going to prison for pot all the time, when black children use it less than white children! That is, how you say, "structural racism," the kind sexplained in Critical Race Theory (grad school shout out!) which explicates "the intersection of race and the law"!

Well Fox News, obviously, ain't having it. And if black children want to stop going to prison all the time for using marijuana less than white children, maybe they should try harder not to be black! Have they ever thought of that?

[Fox News host Martha] MacCallum suggested that the high incarceration rate among African-Americans and other minorities could be solved if those groups used less drugs.

“The reason he believes that it should be legal, and that the experiment in Washington in Colorado is a good one is that he says that minorities are incarcerated at an unfair rate compared with non-minorities who are smoking pot,” she noted. “And that may be true in the numbers.”

May it, Ms. MacCallum? May it be true "in the numbers"? Here, let's steal some "numbers" from this wunderkind Dylan Matthews, who is apparently leaving the Washington Post with fellow wunderkind Ezra Klein, a known wunderkind.

That math, with its known liberal bias. But how could black youngs stop getting arrested at a rate almost four times as high (heh) as the white youngs?

“Maybe there should be a campaign to discourage pot use among minorities, to say that there’s a better way to make it in your future and to take better care of your body,” the Fox News host added.

And problem solved. Black children, kindly stop smoking pot at lesser rates than white children. White kids, you're cool. You holding?


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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