Fox News Tweets Scary Fake News About Obama, Because of Hackers

Fox News Tweets Scary Fake News About Obama, Because of Hackers

Were you celebrating Independence Day with your beers and your Uncle Sam hat and your special string of obscenities you only get to use when you pull out your aging Earth-destroying charcoal barbecue? Then you are like us in that way, ignorant until recently that it is actually WAR ON FOX NEWS JRNALIZM DAY because hackers going by the name "Script Kiddies" apparentlybroke into the Fox News Politics Twitter account and posted a bunch of fake tweets reporting that President Obama was assassinated. Sort of a creepy "joke" to make? How did everyone figure out that the messages were faked?

  • "The Twitter messages appeared to be stylistically different from others on the Fox News politics account," wrote the style queens at the New York Times.
  • "Fox News is wrong about every thing they have ever reported, ever," twatted screechy monkey¬†Keith Olbermann (and every other libtard on Twitter)
  • Obama is not in Iowa as the posts said he was, NOR IS HE DEAD.

And then everyone on Twitter made annoying "let's see the death certificate" jokes on the Fourth of July, for patriotism.

Fox News posted a notice and said they were hacked, and they called the Secret Service and then said they "regret any distress" created by the tweets, but probably not the resulting bazillions of clicks on their website. Time for another beer. [NYTimes/ RawStory]


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