Fox's Brian Kilmeade Wants Viewers To Have Freedom To Die Of COVID

For the last six months, at least, Fox News has been peddlinganti-vaccine conspiracy theories to its viewers. Why? Well, because there is money in it. Because a narrative about the Biden administration nefariously violating the freedoms of Americans by trying to "force" them to take a vaccine that might literally kill them is more enticing to their viewers than "Hey, how about everyone gets vaccinated so we can go back to normal?" They have, in fact, trained their viewership to be appealed to in this way, and they're not going to accept anything less.

One would think, though, that they might have enough affection for their viewership — if only for monetary reasons — that they would want to keep them from getting COVID or dying from it. Apparently not Brian Kilmeade from "Fox & Friends." He's pretty sure people have a choice whether they live or die from COVID, and he's not afraid to say it!

In response to co-host Steve Doocy pointing out that "99 percent of people who are dying are unvaccinated," Kilmeade insisted, "That's their choice!" And when Doocy suggested that perhaps they did not actually want to die and that the mask mandates are necessary to protect the unvaccinated, Kilmeade countered with "That's not their job, it's not their job to protect anybody."

Really? Weird how we have the world's highest prison population, then! I wonder how all of those people got there. Also pretty curious about OSHA, anti-smoking laws, wars. Aren't we supposed to at least pretend the United States goes to war to protect us?

Well, he may be on Fox, but as I have said to way too many people over the course of my life, "That person is not your friend. Friends don't actually want you to feel like crap or for bad things to happen to you."

If Brian Kilmeade were fighting for the right of people to die on their own terms, I would totally support that. I believe that assisted suicide should be legal. But he's not. These people don't think they're going to die if they don't get the vaccine, and many of them actually believe they will die if they do take it. Why? Because they're watching Tucker Carlson and other Fox News idiots and for better or worse -- I would say worse -- they trust what comes out of their mouths. So if Tucker Carlson is up there falsely claiming that people are dying from the COVID vaccine, people are going to believe him and they're not going to get vaccinated.

Even though he almost definitely is vaccinated himself.

In a video produced by The Hill, The Intercept's Ryan Grim reported today that Fox News employees have their very own "vaccine passport," just like the ones they have been claiming would be the end of the world and all freedoms for the last several months. Those who have been vaccinated can send their information to corporate and get a cute "FOX Clear Pass" enabling them to move freely about the studios without a mask, while those who have not been vaccinated must continue to wear masks and practice social distancing.

It is actually understandable that people are scared of putting something new into their bodies, something that hasn't been through as many tests and trials as we usually require for such a vaccine. But instead of making sure those who are scared have all the facts and are able to make an informed decision, our vaccinated Fox hosts, at large, have chosen to scare them even more because they know that is what works for them. Because that is what makes them money.

I monitor right wing conspiracy forums and I am telling you, for the most part these people are not going "Oh boy, I can't wait to own the libs by dying in a COVID ward alone and unable to see my family!" They legitimately think it's the vaccine that will kill them. It's post after post of people talking about how scared they are that their friends and family members got vaccinated, how sad they are that they will have to ban those people from their homes because they don't want to be killed by the spike proteins.

Here is one person from the forum talking about how they won't even get "the jab" to see a dying parent, and another person suggesting they should just not see them.


If your parent was immune-compromised (AML+flt3 mutation, Moderna jab) and the doctor said you can't be near them unless you're "vaccinated" - plus knowing that parent may be entering their final few months and already doesn't understand why you won't get "vaccinated" for them - what would you do?

Parent is a well-intentioned liberal, which is to say incurious/oblivious MSM consumer/victim. I have no intention of taking any of the so-called vaccines, but may be the only immediate family member not to.

I'm praying about this and wanted to share.


This may be a cold way of thinking about it, but if your parent is passing soon, I'm not sure that seeing them for a few days is worth having potentially lifelong health effects from the vaccine. You are going to miss him/her just the same after he/she is gone.

I know that is a very cold and logical way to think about it, but even for those of us who have had the luxury of saying goodbye to loved ones, we STILL long for "one more day" or "one more moment" with them.

That is where these people are right now. That and pondering important questions like "What is the endgame of the jab? OBVIOUSLY they don't want Trump supporters to live. But the only ones taking it are the mindless sheeple, exactly the people they want alive voting for them. It makes no sense!"

It sure doesn't.

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