Fox Troll: Why Isn't Obama Apologizing To Cop Who Murdered Michael Brown?


Hide your kids, hide your wife, Fox dick Todd Starnes ison his twitter machine again! What has Nobama done to murder America this time? He sent a statement of condolence to the family of Michael Brown, but hasn't condoled with the unnamed cop who shot Brown till Brown was dead. Why no condolences for the cop, Tyrant Usurper? Killin' unarmed boys while they're kneeling with their hands up is no grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup! It's a hard day's work!

The Daily Beast has a whole collection of Starnes tweets demanding condolence calls for a wide array of folks, but this is the one we like best:

Do you? Do you sense a pattern, Todd Starnes? That is weird, because we sense a pattern too. Oh wait, no, only two of those people are dead for being black. The third guy just got arrested for going in his own front door. We guess we will just have to keep staring and staring at it until something pops up!

[ReadingIsForSnobs / DailyBeast]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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