Will 'JaGeroVanka' become a thing? Ew.

Yesterday was another big weird news day, what with former Trump aide Sam Nunberg drunk-dialing CNN, MSNBC, and the Farm Report (to say he just can't stop fuckin' that chicken, and also he'll never betray Roger Stone). Just more of the crazy shit that's come to dominate the news since we fell into that wormhole that made us the crapsack alternate universe that some future space hero will have to escape from. (Our Spock won't even have a goatee. It'll be a wispy combover that emits tribble mating calls.) What we are saying here is that it was a decidedly noisy if not very enlightening news day on two of the major cable networks. Thank Crom SOME outlets, like all of Fox's top evening shows, had the good sense not to even touch that poor man having a public meltdown. As Media Matters senior researcher Andrew Lawrence documented on the Twitters, the "most watched block in cable news" was instead dominated by something really important: The ratings for the Oscars were down this year, which means America has had enough of the Liberal Hollywood Elites and all their politically correct montages, yay! The screenshots don't lie:

Thank goodness the message got through to the Viewer In Chief:

Also, Thymey Loris weighed in:

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