Fox's Katie Pavlich: Just Because I'm Scared Of Black People Doesn't Make Me Racist

Poor Katie Pavlich is just sick and tired of all the racism out there, and on Fox'sThe Five Wednesday disagreed vehemently with the crazy notion that we all have prejudices. God knows she's not prejudiced, although sometimes she does find it necessary to judge people in advance, like if she sees a black kid on the street and she crosses to the other side. But that's not prejudice. It's just good pre-judgment, duh.

This bit of airtight Pavlichian logic was sparked by sportsball team owner Mark Cuban's recent remarks on the Donald Sterling raceterfuck; Cuban had made the extremely controversial observation that “we all have our prejudices and bigotries,” which is apparently something that cannot possibly be true, according to Pavlich, who is utterly free of any bias:

“I thoroughly reject this idea that we all have our prejudices and that we’re all bigoted in some way. I completely reject that ... If I see a black kid in a hoodie walking down the street late at night and I’m walking down the street, I cross the street because I feel unsafe,” she said. “Same thing with the tattoos on the guy on the face with the bald head. I’m protecting myself in the name of safety to get away from that person. It’s not about being a bigot or being prejudiced. It’s about simply putting my safety first.”

But you see, following the same examples that Cuban used as examples of his own prejudices, she mentioned a white guy, too. So for Katie Pavlich, it's a matter of safety, not prejudice. She's thought this whole thing through.

Also, too, as Greg Gutfeld pointed out, Jesse Jackson said the same thing years ago, so white people get a permanent pass from being accused of racism when they see black kids and reflexively freak out.


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