Fox’s Megyn Kelly Has Questions About The Liberal Communist Maoist Questions Picked For The Debate


Thank God we have Megyn Kelly to explain why Romney shit the bed on so many of the questions in last night's Happy Lovey Hoe-Down Sing-Along — it’s probably because of Candy Crowley, but it’s MOSTLY because of the American public with their stupid concerns. Why did they have such LIBERAL concerns? Real Americans care about the deficit, the fiscal cliff, taxes, bombing more Muslins, and the deficit, though not in that order. So the REAL question is, who picked these people and let them ask questions? Hmm? And why did they ask about stuff we already know from before? Megyn Kelly predicts that there will be questions about that, just questions, that’s all.

And the pandering, my God, the pandering, what with telling women they should get paid for their work. Megyn’s not saying that there was something suspicious about the people selected for the debate, she’s just saying that there will be “questions” about it, that’s all. You know, "questions" like they might have had in, say, a show trial during the Cultural Revolution.

What we are saying is Megyn Kelly loves Mao.



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