Free Speech Under Siege: Obama 'Jokes' About Turning Off Fox News At A Bar

Free Speech Under Siege: Obama 'Jokes' About Turning Off Fox News At A Bar

Notorious freedom-hater Barack Obama, in a brazen move to nullify the First Amendment, joked with a patron at a bar in Amherst, Ohio, that maybe the owner should turn off Fox News.

Buzzfeed reports that, during an impromptu visit to Ziggy's Pub and Restaurant, the President imperiously demanded that all dissent be stifled forever. As the nascent dictator talked with "supporters" in the bar, a member of the group of locals, Jeff Hawks, pointed at one of the TV's and said, "You're in a building that has Fox news on." Pool reporter Mark Landler of the New York Times captured the chilling conversation that followed:

Obama suggested that Hawks ask for it to be changed. "The customer is always right," he said.

"I'll arm-wrestle you for your vote," Hawks said to Obama. "No, I'll play basketball for your vote," he replied.

What is this, A Game of Thrones? Giving the commoners a "choice" of how they will meet their doom? In a clarification, Landler added:

When President Obama told a patron at Ziggy's bar in Amherst, OH that he suggest that the TV be switched from Fox, he made the remark in a humorous exchange, as did in a subsequent exchange about arm-wrestling or playing basketball over the patron's vote.

The episode was duly reported in the political blogosphere, where the combination of the words "Obama" and "turn off Fox" elicited the usual howls about the unprecedented assault on liberty, although for this particular freedom-killing act, the 37th of the week, the protests feel a little pro-forma.

One wag at the aptly named suggested it reflects Obama's characteristic cowardice: "Note that the president didn’t ask the owner directly. Would this be another example of 'leading from behind'?" Fox Nation's Facebook page was about what you'd expect:

Better idea, turn off the dictator in chief.

I wish the bar owner would have asked to see his valid SS card

forget the 1st ammendment this guys respect nothing


No wonder friends! He hates Fox for a reason! They tell the truth about him and all his cronies! This picture shows what a poor excuse we have as a president! May God have mercy on America!

Gee, a fellow from Germany took over the radio stations back in the late 30's, hmmm, coincidence, I think NOT. Welcome to the United States of Germany, if obummer had his way"

The White House says it was a joking comment. But he would love to have the power to censor what the public sees & hears.

A "joke." Likely story. One does not "joke" about turning off Fox News. As any decent American knows, "jokes" involve suggesting that maybe somebody should throw the President and Moochelle out of a plane, emailing a photo of Obama as a chimp from a local GOP office, or maybe emailing a funny racist story about signing up a dog for welfare, also from a local GOP office. Now THAT shit is funny, ha-ha! But replying to a bar patron pointing out the incongruity of Fox News being on when one is the chief target of that network? No, this is how Liberty dies: with the tap of a remote.

In a largely-unremarked aspect of the story, the Lamestream Media also failed to ascertain whether the pub's owner, a short, neckless bald man wearing a shapeless shirt and no pants, complied with the presidential edict or simply uttered a pathetic self-pitying "quip" of his own, in the vain hope that he might be embraced as a "loveable loser."

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