Friday Nice Time Vetoes With The Gays And Their Friends

We can all agree that it is high time for some nice time. Yesterday's nice time aboutRoger Ebert's passing was more really fucking sad than nice, so we owe you a straight-up nice time post. This week's nice time comes from Texas and is about being nice to gays. Yes, Texas. Yes, nice to gays. IT HAPPENS SOMETIMES OK? The Texas A&M student body president vetoed a bill whose only purpose was to cockblock funding for the GLBT student center, because freedom.

Of course, though the bill started out as a stone cold "we hate the gays" bill, it morphed at the last minute into a "we love religion, and you are being mean to our religion if we cannot kick gays in the teeth with votes and no money" type of thing. But guess what? It didn't matter because the IT STILL GOT VETOED:

John Claybrook, Student Body President at Texas A&M University, has vetoed a bill passed by the student senate that would allow students to opt out of funding campus services if they have religious object[ion]s. Until it was revised at Wednesday night’s meeting, the bill specifically targeted the university’s GLBT Resource Center.

THAT VETO IS A NICE THING. In fact, because it is nice time and the first rule of nice time is there are no rules for nice time, we're just going to quote at you the whole statement-thingy from the student. because it is VERY NICE:

After much research and deliberation, I have confidently decided to veto S.B. 65-70, The Religious Funding Exemption bill. Even without the wording that specified particular groups that would be affected in the final version of this bill, the sentiment towards the bill has not changed and has caused great harm to our reputation as a student body and to the students feeling disenfranchised by the bill. [...]

Although much adjusted in its final form, the good accomplished through this bill pales in comparison to the damage done. The damage must stop today. Texas A&M students represent our core value of respect exceptionally and I’m very proud of the family at this university. Now, more than ever, is the time to show great resolve and come together, treating each other like the family that we are.

You probably did not write something that nice in college. We probably have not written something that nice ever, but we don't have to, because we are yr Wonkette.


[Think Progress/The Eagle]


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