Fun New Conservative Lady Pretty Sure That When Eve Bit The Apple It Was Full Of Birth Control Pills

Fun New Conservative Lady Pretty Sure That When Eve Bit The Apple It Was Full Of Birth Control Pills

Isn't it fun when you can discover a new wingnut, a little hidden gem? They're like an inexpensive pinot noir that's a wee bit better than serviceable, so you just have to share them with your friends. Let's meet Joy Pinto, who opened her gaping hate-maw yesterday at the opening day of the National Right To Life convention in order tospew out some really deeply overwrought sounding bullshit about 'bortions and birth control. She's a real pip!

Do we even need to tell you that she runs one of those pretend "clinics" that have legit sounding names -- hers is the "Her Choice Birmingham Women’s Center" -- but are actually just places where the only piece of medical equipment is an ultrasound machine and it is staffed exclusively by Joy Pinto yelling at you to keep your baby? Of course we don't! Do we even need to tell you that she has a radio show? Of course we don't! That is actually probably a requirement for all aspiring anti-choicers these days. That way you can harangue people in person AND on the airwaves. DOUBLE THE BABY-SAVING POTENTIAL.

Why are we highlighting Ms. Pinto instead of one of the other hundreds of idiots that will likely speak at this convention over the weekend? Well, first because Joy Pinto seems to think that it is really an awesome part of her job to see broken people walk through her door.

“I have the privilege on a daily basis — being the director of a pregnancy medical center — to see the wreckage of humanity that walks in my door, because they have bit the apple, they have believed the lie that this government, that all of the politics, that even some churches tell them.”

It does not appear that Ms. Pinto actually knows what the phrase "I have the privilege" actually means. She's also pretty delightfully terrifyingly incoherent about birth control.

“There is a war on women, but we’re not waging it,” Pinto added. “It’s coming from the pit of hell, like it did in the book of Genesis, when he told the women — when she bit the apple, he said, ‘You will not die.’”

“It’s the same lie. It’s the same war. And it’s not just on women, it’s on humanity. It’s on every aborted baby girl and baby boy. And every woman, and every man that has impregnated her.”

What we're gathering from this is that Joy Pinto thinks birth control is the original sin or some such nonsense. Listen, most of us would eat any snake-gifted apple we could get our hands on if it means we avoid endless baby-having, so bring it on, Satan. We're ready.

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