Gal Who Interned For Hillary Clinton's Office Is Now Doing Pornos

Gal Who Interned For Hillary Clinton's Office Is Now Doing Pornos

America's political paper of record,, has yet another hot new blog story about how somebody tangentially involved in politics also has naked pictures on the Internet. If you're a fan of low-end Web porn, you will certainly be excited about this gal, who once worked as an intern in Hillary Clinton's field office in Buffalo!

Long ago, before she was secretary of state but after she was first lady, Hillary Clinton was one of the senators representing a vast backwater known as "New York State." And the field offices were often staffed by unpaid, unskilled intern labor, like in Nazi Germany or Manzanar. And one of the kids who was an intern in the Buffalo office back in the day, well times are tough and they're getting tougher, and so this young lady turned to low-end web porn to pay the bills.

This is going to be kind of a weird question, we guess, and also you have no idea who we are, as we are Wonkette Jr., but is there money to be made in this Internet porn stuff? Because we've kind of noticed that you can't search for anything online without it going to free porn sites, and we are also aware that the popular hipster MySpace called Tumblr is actually nothing but a billion trillion free porn pages with no advertising or visible source of revenue. So, this is why we're trying out for Wonkette, because we heard it pays a little better than low-end web porn.

Anyway, meet Sammie Spade XXX, everybody, if that is her real name. [Sammie Spade Twitter/TMZ]


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