Newsmax Idiot Thinks It's Fine For Trump To Beg Putin For Aid And Comfort Right Now

You might have thought that this time when Donald Trump begged Vladimir Putin to take a break from bombing innocent Ukrainian kids and give him some imaginary fake top-secret dirt on the Bidens, literally everyone would say, "OK, you fucking traitor, read the room." Sure, Republicans and their media have been fine with Trump conspiring with enemy powers to steal elections in all the other years, but right now people are at least paying lip service to condemning Putin's war on Ukraine. You might have thought this time would be different.

And maybe it is for some Republicans. Maybe some of them understand why the former president shouldn't be reaching out to America's number one enemy and begging for the enemy's help to attack America and its president right now. And don't get confused here. Trump said the timing for his request was right because "Putin is not exactly a fan of our country" right now. As in, Trump is saying now's a good time for Putin to attack us.

But Grant Stinchfield, that loser Little Man Syndrome yappy Pomeranian guy on Newsmax, thinks it's just great.

Stinchfield begins this clownish segment by describing Hunter Biden's laptop as "what could be the most damaging political scandal with the most serious national security implications of our time." Sure, little buddy. That's how things are going to turn out, in the real world.

And then Stinchfield starts humping Donald Trump's leg and rubbing his butt along the carpet:

STINCHFIELD: This week, well, President Trump did what he does best — he triggered the Left by calling on Russia's Vladimir Putin for help in all of this.

That's right, Trump is simply "triggering the Left," by begging the enemy of America who's currently massacring innocent people in Ukraine for his help in hurting his political opponents. We guess only the Left can be bothered with things like loyalty to country these days.

Stinchfield played the clip of Trump babbling his incoherent conspiracy theories about the Moscow mayor's wife giving the Bidens money, and confirmed that he is also too very stupid and wants to know what Putin knows about Trump's incoherent babbling.

This thing here: Trump Begging Putin For Dirt On The Bidens. Yes *Right Now*.

STINCHFIELD: Maybe Putin's got some answers to it. So, as you can imagine, the mainstream media's going nuts over this very basic request.

Putin may be our enemy. In fact, he absolutely is. But if he is willing to hand over evidence that Joe Biden could be compromised, why wouldn't we look at it?

Wow, this guy would not be good at war. Sure, just take "intel" from our enemies! We're sure it's reliable! And if a pretty exotic lady approaches you and says you're the sexiest guy she's ever seen, she's probably just really into you, and not a spy!

Stinchfield's reasoning, by the way, is almost a carbon copy of Trump's explanation to George Stephanopoulos about why it's OK to conspire with America's enemies to hurt your political opponents.

If the president does it, that means oh fuck it: Hello, FBI? We'd Like To Report A Crime In Progress.

Lest you thought the little ankle-biter was over here having original thoughts.

STINCHFIELD: Maybe Putin knows the answer. Why did the former wife of the Moscow mayor write that check for 3.5 million dollars to the Bidens?

It didn't happen, you dumb fuckin' rube. It's a made-up conspiracy theory. Hell, it's a made-up conspiracy theory even Putin has ignored, even as his own security services probably fabricated it. Seriously, this is from right before the election Trump lost:

Putin [...] reacted with visible irritation when asked about comments Trump has made concerning Putin’s ties to the former mayor of Moscow, and to an alleged payment made to Hunter Biden by the ex-mayor’s widow. Putin said he knew nothing about the existence of any commercial relationship between Hunter and the woman.

How broken does your brain have to be, to think "Hunter Biden" is really a serious scandal, or that it's not literally treason for Trump to be asking Putin for help in Trump's ongoing attacks on America?

We're sure Putin will get on these requests from Trump and Stinchfield, though, right after he finds something else to bomb that's marked "children."

[Media Matters / Reuters]

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