Gather Round, For Breitbart's David Horowitz Is To Tell Us All About Blackness

No not really.

God bless Jesus, Dead Breitbart's David Horowitz is talking again. After ruminating for TEN THOUSAND paragraphs on why Bill Kristol is a bad "Renegade Jew" who is bad at Jewing, because he's trying to push for a third party candidate to run against Donald Trump (which means IRAN WILL DO THE HOLOCAUST TO ISRAEL TOMORROW, apparently), Horowitz decided to take his little How To Minority Good schtick on the radio. His next target? Why, it is black people, of course!

Now, whereas Horowitz had a tiny shred of credibility (no he didn't) with Kristol, since he himself is Jewish (doesn't matter, neither one of them much resembles the great majority of the American Jewish community, who are SUPER liberal), we can verify that David Horowitz is not, himself, a black man. So this should be good, yeah?

What is is that The Blacks do not understand about The Blacks, David Horowitz?

Black people have been accepted; not black criminals, but black people generally. I mean, Ben Carson was a leading candidate in the Republican primary, we've had two black secretaries of state ... a black president for eight years, two consecutive black attorney generals ....

It is good that Ben Carson and Colin Powell and Barack Obama and Condoleezza Rice have all been able to do those things, but we're not quite 100% convinced of the idea that those four people represent the state of Black America, any more than we accept that David Horowitz's face-yapping in ANY way represents the state of American Jewry. But hey, maybe there's more to his argument ...

Our culture is dominated by black music, if you can call that music. Hip-hop is the dominant music form, it sells more than any other, um, and it pervades the white suburbs.

David Horowitz has seen the Kids These Days out bumping their hipty-hopty, RIGHT ON HIS LAWN! And they are the white kids, and he doesn't like the gangsta sounds so much, can't even do the Charleston to it, but this must mean black people are fully equal now, right?

Hell, could it even be that black people are doing way better than white people, because David Horowitz has another reason why?

Well look ... you can find multi-multi-millionaires ... if it were true that a racial disparity -- statistical disparity -- proved racism, then the National Basketball Association would be a racist association, because 95% of the starting multi-multi-millionaires are black. And they make a lot of money! I mean, Michael Jordan made a billion dollars! Shaquille O'Neal is worth $250 million. Kobe Bryant is a national hero!

David Horowitz has turned on the sports channel and correctly pointed out which basketball sportsmen have the dark skin, and oh boy, it is a lot of them! When you combine them with Jay-Z and Beyoncé and whatever the other potty-mouthed rap-talkers are called, that's got to be at least 50% of the American black population, right?

Horowitz concludes with a Q.E.D. that will knock your socks off:

So when we hear Black Lives Matter say that America is a white supremacist nation, you know that you are listening to a stone-cold racist or a lunatic, either one.

Yay, racism is over and black folks in America are all doing just great, because David Horowitz says so! Guess those Black Lives Matter folks need to stop saying we have a little problem in this country with cops shooting black kids and stuff, because how could that even be? Remember the part he said about how rap music is really hot right now?

We can't wait for Horowitz to 'splain how things are for some more minorities. Perhaps he could tell us what it REALLY feels like to be transgender!

[Right Wing Watch]

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