Gay Marriage Murdering Straight Marriage After All. Whoops.


Hey, when we're wrong, we're wrong. And so it is that for the past 20 years (we were a VERY early adopter), when we asserted that gay marriage was awesome and anybody who had a problem with it was an unreconstructed bigot, and when we laughed -- LAUGHED -- at those who claimed gay marriage would murder straight marriages, well, mistakes were made, those statements are no longer operative, and other vague ways of saying "someone fucked up probably not us but maybe us who can ever know let's stop with the fingerpointingblamegaming."

Specifically: this pastor dude just got arrested for ALLEGEDLY murdering his wife so he could gay marry his boyfriend.

Next, he will murder the boyfriend so his couch can marry some beans.

Bond for the former Homewood pastor charged with murder in his wife's stabbing is set at $100,000 after prosectors said he tried to leave the country to marry his boyfriend.

Richard Shahan, the Baptist pastor charged with stabbing his ladywife, is all "nah mang, just going on a mission with this here $27 thousand, brb in three years."

We say it is nice that Richard Shahan wants to make an honest man out of his boyfriend, by (ALLEGEDLY) murdering his wife so they can marry up good. After all, as everyone knows, divorce makes the baby Jesus cry.

[ via Gawker]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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