Gentleman Mitt Romney To Uppity Teacher: ‘I Didn’t Ask You a Question’


Here is a video from a nice lady who attended a Romney roundtable all interested and optimistic about the whole thing until Romney asked, “Which one of you is the teacher?” and being a teacher, this nice lady raised her hand. Then Romney began lecturing her about teachers unions and how we need to privatize everything and have charter schools, and how we suck as a country compared to Other Countries. Kind of tired of being lectured, this nice lady said “Oh I have an answer for that.” Romney, being the gentleman he is, responded “I didn’t ask you a question.”

Got that, lady? ROMNEY, and occasionally Egg and MAYBE Tagg ask the questions, ok? It’s HIS TIME, he is here to save America, we’re lucky to have him, for chrissakes, and we’re not super clear on why that’s none of this is getting through to the peons. ANYWAY, this nice lady came away from the roundtable unconvinced that Romney can relate to people from small towns who have small town values, due to the limitations of his life experiences. We’re not super sure about that either — doesn’t he own at least four or five small towns at this point? Anyway, Romney will ask the questions, and let’s all make note of it for any encounters we might have with him in the future.



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