George Allen Keeps Asking Black Reporter What 'Position' He 'Played'

George Allen Keeps Asking Black Reporter What 'Position' He 'Played'

Oh for fuck's sake. Does George Allen think the problem with his last Senate race is he didn't say "Macaca" enough? Well, he's starting early this time!

According to the Washington Post, local NBC anchor/reporter Craig Melvin is tall in addition to being black. So it was definitely the height that makes Allen keep assuming he was good at sports.

Allen's well-punctuated apology:

There you have it: George Allen carries a football at all times because the only way he could get attention or feel loved by his parents was sports. He is holding onto that ball for dear life. Take away sports, and he completely loses all function as a human being. (Or maybe "football family" means he was literally raised by a bag of footballs? Is that football he carries around his little brother? Or maybe his wife?)

Still, racism. [WP]


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