George Papadopoulos Stops By A Bunch Of TV Cameras On His Way To Jail

By now you know that George Papadopoulos, the Trump campaign coffee boy who apparently was pretty bad at getting everybody coffee because he was always distracted trying to set up clandestine meets with the Russians, has been sentenced to 14 days in prison for lying to the FBI. He is going to miss like 10 Wheel Of Fortunes! Luckily he gets to schedule his surrender, so maybe he can pencil in prison time when they are doing reruns.

But this weekend, it was TV TIME FOR YOUNG GEORGE! And he said stuff, specifically stuff that suggests that maybe Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions are big full-of-shit liars who lie. And if Young George is telling the truth, Jeff Sessions lied to Congress. Uh oh!

For instance, here is Papadopoulos on "This Week," telling George Stephanopoulos that Jeff Sessions was very excited when Papadopoulos suggested, during that famous meeting in March of 2016 where all the Donald Trump's campaign foreign policy team sat and made a plan for NO COLLUSION, that he could use his extra special Russia connections to set up a big summit with Vladimir Putin. Stephanopoulos immediately went to the clip of Sessions in November of 2017 telling Congress that he got VERY MAD at Papadopoulos for suggesting such a thing:

So tell us, George! (Pap, not Snuffleupagus.) Is Jeff Sessions a perjury-tastic perjurer from Perjureville? "My recollection differs from Jeff Sessions's." That is all he would say. He did not say, "That butterbeans yokel wouldn't know the truth if it bit him on the ass." But we are guessing that is what he meant.

And after that, did anybody try to discourage Pap from setting up a sexxxy date night between Trump and Putin? To the contrary! Pap says everybody knew what he was doing and that Trump campaign idiots Sam Clovis and Corey Lewandowski were totally into it, as we have previously discussed.

As for whether Pap told the Trump campaign about his mysterious perfesser, Joseph Mifsud (who may or may not currently be dead), who told him about all the sexxxy dirty Hillary emails Russian had stolen, he told CNN this weekend that he's pretty sure he didn't, though he can't rule out the possibility. Pap also told the New York Times on Friday that he now does not recall getting drunk and telling an Australian diplomat in London about those emails, which is what led the FBI to start the Russia investigation in the first place. He says they weren't even drunk that night!

Is is possible George Papadopoulos, who is going to jail for a couple weeks for lying to the FBI, might be kind of full of shit sometimes, just generally speaking? WHOA IF TRUE, but yeah, we think it is possible.

Speaking of lying to the FBI, why George do that? Because he was very nervous, you see, and he didn't want to incriminate Donald Trump, not that he thinks he did:

And does Pap think there was NO COLLUSION, or was there totally collusion? He doesn't know, but he thinks his testimony might have helped them find some collusion:

We hope you enjoyed watching all these videos of George Papadopoulos and that you wish him well as prepares to do 14 very hard days in prison. If for some reason you need more Papadopoulos, then you are weird, but knock yourself out with the rest of that New York Timesinterview if you want.

Or you could not do that.

Your choice.

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