George Papadopoulos Throws Douchey Hat In Ring For Katie Hill's Seat, Sure What The Hell

George Papadopoulos Throws Douchey Hat In Ring For Katie Hill's Seat, Sure What The Hell

Katie Hill has resigned from Congress after a calculated and vicious smear campaign. Republicans are hoping to reclaim her seat representing California's 25th congressional district, and (more or less) serious contenders have wasted no time launching campaigns. There's Mike Garcia, who was a vocal Hill critic, and Angela Underwood-Jacob, who breakdanced on Hill's political grave before it was even dug. Former Rep. Steve Knight, who Hill defeated last year, is considering running again. One man's revenge porn is another man's career opportunity.

Republicans denounced Hill for her "unethical" behavior, which involved a consensual sexual relationship with a former campaign staffer. So it's fitting that one of the Republican challengers for her now vacant seat is someone who's broken actual laws. Trump 2016 campaign adviser George Papadopoulos, who spent 14 whole days in prison for lying to the FBI, filed the paperwork yesterday to run for Congress in California's 25th.

Yes, this asshole:

If you look closely at the photo he retweeted from his wife, you'll see that he's wearing black loafers without socks, which is part of the official douchebag uniform.

Papadopoulos was arrested in 2017 for lying to the FBI about his contacts with mysterious perfessers promising Russian dirt on Hillary Clinton. Pap served a Felicity Huffman and some change in federal prison. Upon his release, he threatened to run for elected office.

Papadopoulos, who went to jail, says Hill is an embarrassment to her district. California's 25th apparently deserves a more accomplished embarrassment, one who Trump himself described in a glowing LinkedIn testimonial as "a young, low level volunteer named George, who has already proven to be a liar."

What's interesting is the timing of the tweet where Papadopoulos declared that Hill's district was ripe "for the taking." It's from October 17, the day before RedState released its "bisexuals and bongs" expose on Hill. A year before the next election, there was no compelling reason to consider the 25th vulnerable. It's been trending blue for years now, and even when Trump was on the ballot, Hillary Clinton won the district by 7 points. This reads like confidence fueled by revenge porn. You know, allegedly.

Jennifer Van Laar broke the Hill story for RedState and the Daily Mail. Mediaite reported Tuesday that the Pulitzer non-contender is a longtime GOP consultant. She worked for former Rep. Knight and even declared her intentions to serve as campaign manager for a potential Republican opponent to Hill. This kind of conflict of interest is not a surprise from a right-wing hack site like RedState.

The crawling piece of slime that Hill is divorcing tried to interest other, more reputable outlets, in his career assassination plot, but it was RedState that lacked the scruples to care about the ethics of posting someone's private, intimate photos online. And they weren't just some sleazy tabloid trying to make a buck by pursuing Princess Di to her death. It was even sleazier politics posing as "journalism." Republicans can benefit from the personal destruction without claiming to have no involvement with it.


Macbeth at least got blood on his hands. Van Laar covered all her corrupt bases and tweeted support for Mike Garcia, along with a link to donate to his campaign. Knight and Garcia might've known what was in store for Hill but only Papadopoulos was dumb enough to start celebrating before the hit took place, assuming he did somehow know about it beforehand, you know, allegedly.

Papadopoulos is only going to humiliate himself. He's a joke. Knight is a more likely contender. And we need to do everything in our power to make sure he loses again. Democrats must come out in force to ensure Republicans and their repulsive operatives don't profit from the vicious smear campaign against Hill.

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