Georgia Cops Catch Selves Being Racist On Camera, DERP!

Georgia Cops Catch Selves Being Racist On Camera, DERP!

Gene Allmond resigned last week as Hamilton, Georgia, police chief, because it was publicly revealed that he's racist garbage. And he's not a newfangled polite racist who believes police brutality is an urban legend and there's no systemic racism in law enforcement. No, he's full-on, Jim Crow sheriff racist.

Last summer, after George Floyd was murdered, the police were extra cranky over the protests for racial justice in law enforcement. They felt personally injured, but metaphorically, not literally like how cops put the beatdown on protesters. During a peaceful protest in June, Allmond and Patrolman John Brookshad a repulsive conversation that Brooks unwittingly recorded with his own body camera. This is the level of intellect we're dealing with here.

The video is not anything I haven't heard multiple times in my life, but I'll go ahead and give you fair warning about the offensiveness of this edition of "TV's Bloopers and Racist Practical Jokes."

Allmond and Brooks started off like typical cops who'll find any reason to justify the police killing someone. They were upset that Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms fired the officer who shot Rayshard Brooks in the back. Brooks speculated that Bottoms was now a frontrunner to become Joe Biden's running mate. Allmond was aghast.

ALLMOND: You're kidding!

BROOKS: Because if I had to fuck a [n-word,] I'd rather fuck the mayor than Stacey Abrams.

This dung heap is imagining some racist Sophie's Choice as if either woman would want anything to do with his scraggly ass.

A few minutes after this steaming pile of misogynoir, Allmond moved on to ranting against the protests. He declared, “I don't own no slaves," as if that's a grand statement of moral virtue. Slavery is (currently) illegal. The more uncomfortable question is whether he'd own slaves if he could. Also, the Black Lives Matter protests aren't about slavery specifically. We assume we've won that battle and have moved on to cops not killing us in the street.

ALLMOND: My folks didn't own no slaves.

Again, this isn't impressive. Slavery ended in 1863 (more or less).

Allmond predictably moved on to excusing slavery, a classic racist move.

ALLMOND: For the most part, it seemed to me like they furnished them a house to live in. They furnished them clothes to put on their back. They furnished them food to put on their table and all they had to do was fucking work. And now we give 'em all those things and don't have to fucking work.

I'm not sure I agree with 100 percent of Allmond's police work there. Slaves were treated like dogs if you treated dogs like crap. My ancestors weren't chilling in Paris Hilton's posh dog mansion.

But this is what happens when racists get high on their own supply of the 1776 Commission. However, even if slavery was all Song of the South, which it wasn't, what Allmond is describing — the state provides you with shelter, food, and clothing in exchange for your involuntary labor — is no better than the socialist nightmare state that makes conservatives wet their beds.

Hamilton Mayor Julie Brown and members of the city council had wondered why the police weren't using body cameras. Brooks claimed they weren't working, which he genuinely believed because he's an idiot. When a city employee examined the body cameras, he discovered they were functional but had run out of storage. They were full of footage, but not all of it was sickeningly racist. The employee rightly informed Buddy Walker, an assistant to the mayor, who watched the footage with Ransom Farley, the mayor pro tempore.

Mr. Walker, who is white, said of watching it with Mr. Farley, who is Black: "To look at the video with him, to listen to someone that he's known for many years — my reaction was incredibly bad. You can imagine his reaction."

Mr. Farley said on Sunday that he had to leave the room after watching the video. "It hurts," he said, "when you think you know somebody and you don't."

When told that he could resign or be fired, Brooks asked to see the damning video. He apologized to Farley but claimed, it would seem wrongly, that the footage didn't reflect who he “really" was. Farley wasn't having it.

Mr. Farley said he told Mr. Brooks: "I'm not accepting your apology, because you're sorry that you got caught. You're not sorry because of what you said."

"I own the fact that I am Black and I am gay," Mr. Farley added. "If you're a bigot, if you're a racist, own it."

Good for Farley. I'm glad he didn't fall for the “unity" scam.

Both Allmond and Brooks can rot in the unemployment line, don't care, the end.

[ New York Times]

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