Georgia Governor Has Genius Plan To Save Money: Don't Let Poors Go To The Emergency Room


We've been wondering when we would hit the point where conservatives just stone cold come out and say that the poors should die in the streets on account of how they are poor and today we inched a wee bit closer to that point thanks to Georgia Governor Nathan Deal, who just wishes that the dirty impoverished would stop clogging up the emergency rooms of his state already.

Take it away, you criminally awful dickhead.

Gov. Nathan Deal has often called on Congress to reconsider the Affordable Care Act. But on Monday evening, he pushed his former Washington colleagues to revisit a separate health care law that fewer politicians openly critique.

The Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act is a 1986 law that requires hospitals to provide emergency health care treatment to anyone who needs it, regardless of citizenship or their ability to pay. It’s provided life-saving care to countless people, but it’s also strained hospital resources and turned emergency rooms into the first stop, instead of a last resort, for some.

“If they really want to get serious about lowering the cost of health care in this country, they would revisit another federal statute that has been there for a long time,” Deal told a crowd of dozens at a University of Georgia political science alumni gathering. “It came as a result of bad facts, and we have a saying that bad facts make bad law.”

We're really struggling with the right way to tell Nathan Deal to shut his fucking face forever, because that is some bullshit. The entire goddamn conservative pushback against Obamacare and any other possible insurance scheme that seeks to cover people who aren't rolling around in piles of money or sucking lifetime health insurance from the government teat because they once served in Congress like one Mr. Nathan Deal is that those people COULD GO TO THE FUCKING EMERGENCY ROOM. If they don't have healthcare, and they can't go the ER, where, exactly, does Deal suggest they go? Haha they go nowhere dummy, unless they are pregnant ladies because emergency care that is only for the host vessels of the preborn is what God probably wanted.

Deal, who long served on a key House health panel, said lawmakers can build in protections for pregnant women and others while tightening access to ERs in other ways. Said the governor:

“I think we should be able in this passage of time to figure out ways to deal with those situations but not have the excessive costs associated with unnecessary visits to the emergency room.”

Nathan Deal, we think you should be able in this passage of time to figure out ways to be an actual factual human being and stop trying to murder people for the crime of being poor. Also, we think you should be able in this passage of time to figure out that the way to avoid excessive costs from unnecessary ER visits is to create a goddamn insurance arrangement where people can actually go to doctors instead and be treated, you idiot. This isn't rocket science.

We're sorry your rural hospitals are fucking drowning in debt AND patients because you wouldn't sign on to the Medicaid expansion, but that is not the fault of the poors. That is the fault of you, and if we were the kind of people that wished people ill, we would wish you ill.

[Georgia Times-Herald]


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