GA Voters Rejecting GOP’s Awesome Platform Of Insider Trading And Spreading COVID-19. Weird!

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Georgia's incompetent fake governor, Brian Kemp, and insider-trading Disney villain senator, Kelly Loeffler, are in rough shape politically. The GOP-friendly polling and research firm Cygnal surveyed voters from April 25 to 27, and the results will have you basking in the afterglow.

Just 43 percent of voters approve of Kemp's shoddy performance in the role that should've gone to Stacey Abrams. She'd have won an Oscar by now, but Kemp will have to settle for a Razzie. Most voters in the important “want to remain alive" demographic disapprove of how Kemp's handling the COVID-19 pandemic.

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

About 58% of voters said Georgia is moving "too quickly" to ease restrictions, though most (54%) back social-distancing measures and business closures.

Despite the AJC's odd use of "though," it seems clear Georgians aren't on board with Kemp's zeal to "reopen" Georgia so he can toss vulnerable people off the unemployment rolls. According to the poll, 60 percent of Georgians were more concerned with “public health" than COVID-19's economic impact.

Most Georgians feel social distancing policies should continue at least a few more weeks, if not months, and only about 15% contend the state should "open everything now."

Yeah, Kemp is governing in the Bizarro Georgia, where residents drink unsweetened tea and would happily die for a haircut. On Friday morning, Georgia confirmed 1,000 new COVID-19 cases in 24 hours. Kemp is a disaster: 47 percent of voters “strongly disapprove" of his dumb ass, but he's not up for election until 2022. He can appeal personally to the few thousand Georgians who manage to survive his leadership — maybe go door to door. Loeffler has to face voters in November, and everyone thinks she suuuuucks.

Loeffler has 20 percent approval like girlfriend's running on a Pro-General Sherman platform. The Senate special election has loyal Donald Trump stooge Doug Collins leading with 28 percent of the vote, followed by Democrat Matt Lieberman with 12 percent. Loeffler is fighting for third place with Democrat Raphael Warnock. The crowded field ensures that no one is likely to win a majority, but only the top two candidates advance to the January runoff. This looks like Loeffler's ass, but a lot can happen in six months. Maybe voters will just forget Loeffler's terrible. Fortunately, we're here to make sure that objective fact doesn't slip their minds.

Hey, remember when Loeffler claimed the “data showed" that Georgia had “flattened the curve," so everyone should feel safe to have their roots touched up? There is no such “data." Georgia's curve is still prime Jayne Mansfield.

Sen. Loeffler says she supports Gov. Kemp's plan to reopen state

The Collins campaign is already gloating.

After this story published, Collins spokesman Dan McLagan sent this statement: "She's a sitting U.S. Senator who has already spent nearly $10 million and is in 4th place. Her campaign is deader than disco. No amount of money can fix this but her team is getting rich and won't tell her the truth."

Excuse me, sir, but "disco will never be over. It will always live in our minds and hearts." Questionable metaphor aside, though, Loeffler's done. You couldn't construct a worse candidate for this moment. Stephen Lawson with the Loeffler campaign took a look at the data and cleverly retorted, “Nuh uh!"

Kelly is focused on the millions of Georgians who are struggling to make ends meet during this global pandemic - not on a worthless poll manufactured by her opponents for an election that's six months away. Instead of trashing Trump, Kemp, and others who are delivering relief during this pandemic, maybe career politician Doug Collins and his allies should lift a finger and earn their taxpayer funded paychecks.

Trump is also statistically tied with Joe Biden in Georgia. It's too soon to tell if Biden can pull a Bill Clinton and carry the peach state, but these poll numbers are all around just horrible news for any Republican who isn't Doug Collins, and they're not that hot for him either.

[Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

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