Ghost Breitbart Non-Racistly Observes That The Blacks Just Love Looting & Rioting

So, hey, you might call it kind of racist if a writer were to start off a column bysaying something like this, mightn't you:

Black America's favorite past time is back on full display in Ferguson, MO, as looting and rioting breaks out after the fatal shooting death of an unarmed 18-year old by Ferguson law enforcement.

Well, you would in fact be wrong, because that sentence was written by Sonnie Johnson, an actual black woman, at Dead Breitbart's Center For Decrying Black Hatred Of Whites, so there is not the least bit of pandering to stereotypes at all there, just a clear-eyed assessment of The Blacks' basic inability to be civilized. As Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs points out, Sonnie Johnson's readers take it as a license to run with anything short of That One Word, because once a black person condemns what those blacks do, then it's open season -- the top-rated comment on the piece is "The pack animals sure do love to loot, just like Obama loves to loot our tax dollars," which is followed by supportive sentiments like "And people wonder why there are ghettos..." and "Those 'Ghettos' used to be good neighborhoods until guess who moved in." And not a word of it is racist, because the article was written by a black lady, or aren't you paying attention?

Fortunately, Ms. Johnson keeps the focus where it belongs, on the tragedy of Michael Brown's shooting by a cop:

I swear, writing for media makes it too easy to forget a life was taken from this earth. The opening line states the facts so clearly, yet the tears in my eyes tell me to erase and enter into profanity. I am so tired of feeling another mother's pain.

You know, she feels another mother's pain so deeply that she just HAD TO explain that "Black America's favorite past time" is "looting and rioting" -- and this is really quite offensive, because any fool knows that "pastime" is one word. And Sonnie Johnson is very sad about the terrible reality -- while the 100 or so people who stayed in front of the Ferguson Police station to protest the shooting of Michael Brown are "patriots, using their 1st Amendment right to protest," we really need to be outraged by the rioters and looters, who she says are "the lowest form of disease in America" because they looted and destroyed Private Property, and now, because there was looting and rioting, it is completely impossible to pay any attention at all to the peaceful protests of Brown's killing. The looters

delivered a devastating blow to their local economy, with loss of income from business, extra pay for riot officers and extra police presence, and clean up of the destruction. Worse than that, they took true outrage, peacefully demonstrated, and turned it into a three-ring circus. The death of Michael Brown is no longer the story.

Police officer violence is no longer the story.

No, the story now has to be the rioting and the looting, because that is somehow more inherently a Black Thing than peaceful protest is, and darn those unruly blacks for all their rioting and looting, because Al Sharpton "is on his way to Missouri to get paid," and you know he's just nothing but trouble. We sure are relieved, though, that there are some sane people out there like Sonnie Johnson, who thinks that "Sane people should understand the death of Michael Brown deserves a full investigation," but that only "the insane will pull Michael Brown's death into an indictment of America as a whole." America isn't racist. Blacks are just addicted to the looting and the rioting. And also to making excuses for the looting and the rioting:

"Black America will excuse the inexcusable behavior witnessed in Ferguson, MO, and if a new age of black voices aren't heard, the likes of Al Sharpton will ensure the next riot is only one bad cop away."

If only The Blacks wouldn't all riot all the time, maybe there'd be no need for white people to go to to commiserate with each other about how The Blacks are out of control. They won't find any coverage of today's peaceful protest at Ferguson's City Hall, but why would you want to read about people just standing there? Even the local teevee station's report on the protest had to focus on the handful of arrests that followed the demonstration by several hundred Ferguson residents. Because you know how those people are.

[Breitbart via LGF / LAT / KSDK]

Doktor Zoom

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