Ghost Of MLK Was Busy So White Nationalist Stephen Miller Will Write Trump’s Racial Healing Speech

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Ghost Of MLK Was Busy So White Nationalist Stephen Miller Will Write Trump’s Racial Healing Speech

You're probably on pins and needles waiting for Donald Trump's big racial healing speech. The president is busy spreading conspiracy theorist libel on Twitter about an old man the police hospitalized, so he's going to need some help with the wordsmithing. Have no fear. He's pulled in noted white nationalist bigot Stephen Miller, who's likely reviewing Confederate Vice President Andrew Stephens's “Cornerstone Speech" for inspiration.

This is why Trump should've kept Omarosa around. He's got a literal White House filled with grifters and, uh, “very fine people." One of his rotating press secretaries couldn't deny under penalty of lightning bolt whether Trump was ever recorded using a certain racial epithet. The only black people who'll have anything to do with him are tap-dancing embarrassments. So, yeah, during a time of racial unrest, an overtly racist president who regularly insults and dehumanizes black people would assign his senior white supremacy adviser to come up with the words he'll read poorly off a teleprompter.

Miller's history of racism, which would've cost him his job by now in a less Klanny administration, goes all the way back to his high school days when Miller reportedly informed a classmate they couldn't be friends because of his “Latino heritage." We're sure the guy cried big, Latino tears over his loss. This was less than 20 years ago, because Miller is only 34, despite resembling what Edgar Allan Poe would describe as a "nearly liquid mass of loathsome -- of detestable putrescence."

What you can learn about Stephen Miller from a high school

It's safe to assume any speech Miller writes would promote a dream that's quite different from Martin Luther King's -- probably one with snakes and big spiders that are all racist. Hundreds of leaked emails Miller sent right-wing site Breitbart between 2015 and 2016 revealed how obsessed he was with race and immigration. He was like the guy who talks about Star Wars too much for the people at a Star Wars convention.

Miller's perspective on race and immigration across the emails is repetitious. When discussing crime, which he does scores of times, Miller focuses on offenses committed by nonwhites. On immigration, he touches solely on the perspective of severely limiting or ending nonwhite immigration to the United States. Hatewatch was unable to find any examples of Miller writing sympathetically or even in neutral tones about any person who is nonwhite or foreign-born.

After Dylann Roof murdered nine black churchgoers in Charleston,South Carolina, Miller was bummed that Amazon and other retailers were no longer selling the Confederate flag. There's no evidence he expressed actual grief over the mass murder of black people. The Confederate flag just meant a whole lot to a someone who grew up in Santa Monica, California, with its rich Southern culture. It's like Cat on a Hot Tin Roof over there. Or maybe Miller just hates black people. He's attacked Maya Angelou, accusing the author of "racial paranoia." I don't see how you can seriously promote racial healing if you don't appreciate and admire Ms. Maya Angelou. She's not a pickle or a tomato you can remove from the black community and still enjoy us. She's the whole sandwich.

Miller was also the devil on the Devil's shoulder, pushing Trump to restrict immigration from places that weren't Norway. He helped enact policies that were straight-up vicious to immigrants and refugees. He delighted as the administration separated migrant children from their families and locked them up like animals. Someone responsible for crimes against humanity isn't the best choice to address police brutality.

However, Miller also isn't an honest person, so he'll have no trouble lying about Trump's racism. Last year, when the leaked racist emails revealed Miller was racist, he blamed Democrats for slandering him for reading words he'd assembled into sentence form. He removed an old saw from the right-wing toolbox and claimed Democrats were the ones dividing people based on their skin color, which he totally doesn't see. He belongs to just one race -- human (which also appears to be a lie).

MILLER: The Democratic Party of today traffics in lies, hatred, and, yes, racism. There's a lot of projection involved in the attacks they make. They divide people by race. They divide people by color. They try to separate. They try to pull people away from each other and tear at the seams that hold us together. Donald Trump runs on a one nation conservatism.

Miller was behind Trump's “closing argument" for the 2018 midterms, that a caravan of scary, disease-ridden brown people was invading the US. He's also more than distant Facebook friends with white supremacist Richard Spencer and Peter Brimelow, founder of white nationalist website VDARE.

“One nation conservatism" probably does include black and brown people but in subordinate roles to bottom feeders like Miller. The police are the law that will impose the white nationalist order. Any appeal for racial harmony that Miller composes will likely share the tune of "Dixie."

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