Today in "dumb and kind of sexist ways to get fired from your job because of Facebook," we submit one Laraine Cook, erstwhile girls' basketball coach from Pocatello High School in Idaho. Coach Cook, for a full 24 hours in July, had that picture over there of her and her fiance with his hand on her boob posted on her Facebook page, and some anonymous someone saw it and did not like it one bit, so they turned her in to the school board and now she is so fired. But oh, what's this?

While Laraine Cook was terminated by Pocatello High School, her fiancé, who is the school's football coach, received an unspecified reprimand.

It is interesting we think, that the lady with the boob under the hand in the picture got fired, but the guy, head coach of the varsity football team, Tom Harrison, whose hand is on the boob, and who WORKS AT THE SAME SCHOOL, just got yelled at, or whatever an "unspecified reprimand" is. We are going to say it is because she posted the picture that she got fired. And that it is probably not because the guy with the boob in his hand has won 10 state championships for that high school since 1982 and is in the Idaho High School Football Hall of Fame that he did not get fired. And well, he's not the one going around with his dirtypillows in a bikini, now IS HE?

Really we do not think either of them should have been fired.

So! We can all agree that Facebook is the devil, yes? It is a huge waste of time, probably not all that safe, it is by nature meant not to be private -- and honest to God, no one gives a shit that your third grader got first runner up in some dumb spelling bee, or that you have gone on vacation, except for people who may now want to rob your empty house.

And also you can get fired for what is in your vacation pictures. Particularly if you are a lady with boobs your fiance can't keep his hands off of, the high school girls' basketball coach instead of the varsity football coach, and kind of dumb about posting pictures that are the tiniest bit risque on to your Facebook page.

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