Glenn Beck Figures Out Norway Shooter Is a Secret Liberal Terrorist


Slobbery sob queen Glenn Beck (and a frightening amount of other right-wingers) agreed with Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik that multiculturalism and Muslims are ruining civilization. Beck also believes that because Breivik is a terrorist, he must therefore be a secret liberal. "He is doing the work of a madman. He is doing the work of what all people who want big government always do, and that is commit terrorist acts," Beck said on his fringe lunatic radio hour. So let's see if we have this then: Breivik is in favor of big government, and he is an insane terrorist. Breivik is also insanely correct about how terrible Muslims are, according to Beck. Our calculations indicate that this makes Beck a liberal terrorist sympathizer! Hooray, that was a fun word problem.

Oh yeah and the thing made anybody care about this idiotic segment today was because he also says the children at the camp who were murdered, yes those murdered children, they were attending a political camp that "sounds like the Hitler Youth or something," to Glenn Beck. "Who sends their kids to political camp?" he asks. DUH: The Tea Party, is who. [Media Matters]


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