Glenn Beck Overcomes Brief Flirtation With Sanity, Is Back To Old Tricks

Glenn Beck Overcomes Brief Flirtation With Sanity, Is Back To Old Tricks


Remember that moment when Glenn Beck was all "Donald Trump is AWFUL and I am sorry for having been so incredibly terrible and galvanizing all these other people to be terrible lo the past eight years? And also Black Lives Matter has a point, it IS bad when unarmed black people are murdered by cops" and it was honestly all very surreal? Well, that feeling has apparently passed, and Glenn Beck is back to saying dumb things and trying to scare all the old white people again.

On his radio program Thursday, Beck decided to go on a tear about "fake news." Now, be assured that when Beck and other conservatives discuss "fake news" they are not talking about teenagers from Macedonia making up entirely fake news articles for the purpose of making money off of dumb Americans who want to believe that the Pope endorsed Donald Trump or whatever. In the wake of articles suggesting that these entirely fabricated articles may have helped elect Donald Trump, conservatives are desperately trying to do a "BOTH SIDES DO IT!" thing and disingenuously claiming that any report that turns out not to be true, because someone was lying to the reporter or to police, is "fake news." Which it is not. It's someone lying to police or to reporters, which is a different thing entirely. This is why reporters use words like "allegedly" and report on what the person or their police report said, rather than state what the person says as an absolute fact.

Anyway, Beck's case in point was that of a young Muslim woman who lied about having been the victim of a hate crime by Trump supporters, and who was later charged with having filed a false police report. In his discussion of the case, he insisted the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Council on American-Islamic Relations were the source of the story, which they were not. The girl herself was. Those organizations were simply quoted in articles about the incident.

Beck then went on to say that due to the fact that the SPLC and CAIR were the "source" of the story, reporters should have been aware that it was "fake." No one should believe anything coming from these organizations, he said, because CAIR “was named an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terrorist trial,” and the Southern Poverty Law Center called his buddy, writer of pretend history David Barton, a "terrorist."

Surprise! Neither of those things are true! The CAIR thing is totally made up, and while David Barton loves to say that the SPLC calls him a terrorist, they have not actually ever done so.

Essentially, what Glenn Beck is saying here is that CAIR and the SPLC should not have been used as sources, which they weren't, because of things Glenn Beck thinks they did that they did not actually do. Got it! Makes all the sense!

But that's not all Glenn Beck has been up to! He's also suggesting that Black Lives Matter was somehow responsible for an horrific incident the other night in which several black teenagers beat up a white disabled man while yelling about Trump and white people.

On Wednesday night, he tweeted this:

And then, on Thursday, he went further -- and while suggesting that media reports that he had blamed BLM for the attacks were incorrect and that he didn't say he was sure the attack had even happened -- again stated that

Via RightWingWatch:

Beck said that if he or the Tea Party are going to be blamed “for every coarse word said in society,” then “Black Lives Matter cannot be held innocent” in this case.

“We have to assign some blame to the leadership of Black Lives Matter who are saying these things,” Beck said, “who are saying ‘death to whitey,’ who are talking about all of this. You have to assign something to the bleed-over in culture if you’re going to do that to the Tea Party or me.”

Not so much! First of all, for the love of god, no one is going around saying "death to whitey." I mean, maybe someone is, just as there are probably people going around saying they are Elvis, but that doesn't mean that it's a pervasive thing. It's more like someone says "Hey, how about police stop killing unarmed black people" and this, interpreted by someone like Glenn Beck, somehow sounds exactly like "death to whitey."

Second, these people did a sadistic and awful thing all on their own. They were not incited by anyone else to do so. No one associated with Black Lives Matter has ever suggested that going and beating up a mentally disabled white person was a good idea, and in fact, pretty much everyone who supports BLM is furious at these people for giving ammo to people like Glenn Beck. That is not what anyone wants, at all, for any reason.

Suggesting that BLM is in any way "responsible" for this attack is like suggesting that environmentalism was responsible for Ted Kaczynski. Environmentalism is a good thing and a bad person associating themselves in some way with that good thing does not make it bad in and of itself. Same with Black Lives Matter and these doofuses. Glenn Beck and the Tea Party people say hateful things, and untrue things, so when people associated with their movement say hateful things, or untrue things, the connection is much clearer. Duh.

Now, as much as I want to say that I am disappointed in Glenn Beck for going back to the dark side, I have to admit that I have missed his costumes, his crying jags, and his chalkboard drawings connecting all the things he doesn't like to one another. It's where he is most at home, and, honestly, hearing him sound like a normal person was kind of giving me the creeps.

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