Glenn Beck's Fanzine Criticizes Obama For Stealing Glenn's Chalkboard


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America needs blue balls, not red balls, according to this new video the White House put up today featuring new Obama economic bro Austan Goolsbee. According to their blog, this whiteboard video approach is something they're going to do from now on, because Americans are dumb and visual aids are the only thing they can understand. The Blaze, which is basically just an Internet treehouse of children who tell stories about how cool Glenn Beck is, saw this and decided this was STOLED from Glenn Beck, who uses a chalkboard, which is a similar kind of board.

Imitation is the best form of flattery, and apparently Barack Obama is watching Fox News at 5pm and taking notes because he’s breaking out a chalkboard of his very own.

Except this is a whiteboard, not a chalkboard. And the rest of the blogosphere seems to think this is more like a UPS commercial without the animation. But yeah, PRETTY CIRCLES. PERSON DRAWING PRETTY CIRCLES ON THING ALWAYS RIGHT.

And now Democrats in Congress will be forwarded this video by their constituents (we guess that's the strategy here?) and suddenly stop being cowards and bring this to a vote. Because that's how YouTube works: "viral videos," "blue balls," "change." [The Blaze]


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