PAUL MANAFORT IS IN BIG TROUBLE NOW, GO BACK TO HOUSE-JAIL, MISTER. Or real jail! Or wherever Robert Mueller decides you need to go!

We think former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort might not be taking his many indictments very seriously, because as soon as he was out of court, he immediately starting working with one of his Russian spy pals on a secret project. No, seriously, he did that! Manafort ran to one of his Russian spy pals (probably his longtime business associate Konstantin Kilimnik) so they could work on an op-ed about Manafort's Ukrainian foreign agent work, with the intention of making Manafort look good and innocent in the eyes of the American public.

Fucker either doesn't know or doesn't care what a gag order means.

So now Robert Mueller, in a new filing, has pulled his support for a bail deal that would have let Manafort walk around like a semi-free man while he awaits trial.

From the filing:

As late as November 30, 2017, Manafort and a [Russian spy] colleague were ghostwriting en editorial in English regarding his political work for Ukraine. Manafort worked on the draft with a long-time Russian colleague [spy] of Manafort's, who is currently based in Russia and is assessed to have ties to a Russian intelligence service. [Like we said.]

As the Court is aware, at the first appearance before this Court with Manafort present, the Court admonished all of the parties not to try the case in the press.

Was that not clear? We guess it wasn't clear. Or Paul Manafort is stupid. Or he thinks Trump is going to pardon him, so it's no big. Asshole has some balls, we'll give him that.

Mueller makes clear in the filing that this op-ed would have been a violation of their agreement even if it had been a truly "fair and balanced" look at Manafort's foreign agent traitor work, which it obviously wasn't intended to be.

In the bail deal that was on the table, there was no GPS monitoring, no guarantee from a close family member, and it did not "provide for a fully secured bond of unencumbered real estate." This involved four properties (worth over $11 million) Manafort would have had to forfeit if he tried to flee, including his condo in Alexandria, Virginia, a Manhattan condo, and two homes, one in Florida and the most 'spensive one, in Bridgehampton, New York.

The new filing notes that the Bridgehampton property (which is probably the most 'spensive because it has a lot of marble countertops) "is already subject to forfeiture in the Indictment," therefore it can't be called "unencumbered," now can it? We could give you other details, but ZZZZZZZ legalese ZZZZZZZZ.

Point is Manafort done fucked up, and now, if he can't prove to the judge that was behaving (pffffffft), he will probably have to wear the ankle bracelet of shame ALL DAY LONG, because that's what happens to bad guys like Paul Manafort.

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