Go Solar For Christmas, Even If You Live In A Cave! It's A FESTIVUS MIRACLE!

You'll be getting real solar power, not just a stock photo!

If you're like a lot of Wonkers, you may say to yourself, "I would truly like to do something this Holiday Season about all this global warming, but darn it, my residence is A) rented, not owned; B) in a lousy location for solar panels; C) at the North Pole with all these toy-making elves, not to mention a really strict HOA." We don't know how you insert those lists into your thoughts, but we can at least help you go Solar without having to install a single solar panel on your abode at all. It's a FESTIVUS MIRACLE!

As you may know, Yr Wonkette already partners with Arcadia Energy in a program that lets you offset your utility purchases with clean wind power, as long as you pay your own electric bill. Yr Dok Zoom signed up for it shortly after we started the partnership, and it is ridiculously easy-peasy, and especially satisfying knowing how much Donald Trump hates wind power, because he is a jerk, and probably in league with Mr. Heat Miser. The hair is a dead giveaway.

Well! Arcadia is now expanding into a new clean-energy market that lets people buy solar power without actually having to install solar panels on their own personal roof: You subscribe to get your very own solar panel in one of Arcadia's growing network of solar farms, and Arcadia takes care of making sure your utility bill reflects the savings from your own little patch of sun. Sound confusing? It is, because we are oversimplifying! Now shut up and watch this video from Arcadia, which explains it much more clearlike:

It's really pretty simple: You pay for the solar panel and send Arcadia your utility account information, then Arcadia uses the software it developed for its wind-power program to direct the savings from your personal solar panel(s) to your utility bill. You'll still be getting power from your local utility's generation plants, whatever source they use, but you're also getting a discount from your personal solar panel, wherever it is, because it's putting electrons into the grid that you personally made, with some help from the Sun and its nuclear fusion. Look, a visual aid!

How it Works

When you subscribe to a Portable Panel with Arcadia Power, you will see savings directly on your utility bill without having to put anything on your roof. No matter if you own your own home, rent, or live in the shade, you can choose the number of panels that’s right for you and your budget, saving you money on your power bill. And if you move, your savings move right along with you!

Still have questions about how all this works? Go read up on the program here, where you can find out if Arcadia Solar is available through your utility at this time (and if it's not, they'll let you know when it is). Arcadia's distributed community solar project has also been written up at TechCrunch and GreenTech Media, if you're looking for more information.

What’s In It For Wonkette?

Ever the savvy news consumer, you have already noticed that this here is a sponsored post, haven't you? That's because Wonkette has the kindest, smartest, bravest, most wonderful readers on the internet, duh. Also, you're much more attractive than the average blog reader. So yes, we do get a one-time bounty for each solar panel you buy if you decide to go solar and make Donald Trump cry, so you'll be doing good for the planet and helping your favorite mommyblog, recipe hub, and green energy pusher. Once you've signed up, you're not paying anything extra to us; your utility bill will go through Arcadia and they'll take care of all the tech stuff, while you save money on your electric bill with solar power and can feel superior to your neighbors about it.

Go check out whether Arcadia Solar is available in your area yet, and when you're ready to take the Solar plunge (metaphorically only!) sign up using this here linky so Yr Wonkette gets a cut, and you can brag about how you are helping to raise a solar-powered babby! Can you buy someone a solar panel subscription as a Christmas gift? We haven't the slightest idea, but Rebecca told us to make this post Christmas-themed at the last minute! Get your loved one a book, and yourself a solar panel.

What's that linky again? It's this linky right here!

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